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Councilmember Paul Krekorian's
Business Committee Convenes at Valley

Valley Glen - - Meeting at Los Angeles Valley College (LAVC), Councilmember Paul Krekorian's Jobs and Business Development Advisory Committee spent the morning discussing job development and the economic future of the community.

LAVC President Sue Carleo opened the meeting by speaking about the financial difficulties both the college and the community face moving forward, but when she spoke about the college’s role in the economic and business recovery, Dr. Carleo was optimistic.  “We see ourselves as part of the solution,” she said.

Krekorian thanked Dr. Carleo, the college, and all of the business and community leaders participating in the first of a series of ongoing discussions about how to make the city more business friendly. 

“All of you will play an important participatory role in that,” Krekorian told those assembled.

Krekorian, who authored the successful tax incentive program to keep film and television production in Los Angeles, invited the committee to discuss the challenges they face as business owners; additionally, he talked about what his office could do to better serve the businesses that are an integral part of the fabric of the community.  “Think about what we want the future of the San Fernando Valley to be,” he said.

Highlighting the LA Fellows program as an innovative solution to the debilitating unemployment problem in California, Krekorian, who serves as vice-chair on the Jobs & Business Development Committee, spoke briefly about the pilot program that is helping unemployed men and women find their next career opportunity through a combination of skills training and volunteerism. “I urge you all to find out more about it and participate,” Krekorian said.

Several of the city and business leaders assembled cited gross receipts, sales tax, and cost containment as major concerns for business owners in Los Angeles. Many also stated they would like to see a more streamlined permit process to bring brand new businesses into the fold. Creating a system of access to the incentives and resources that are already available to business owners was another important area of concern and at the conclusion of the meeting, Krekorian and his staff vowed to begin examining these issues further and set up more advisory sessions to discuss solutions.

For more information, visit Krekorian’s official website, or download the new smart phone application, which offers constituents in Council District Two access to his office and staff.