Celebrating 24 Years of Service to the Local Community!
Dynamic Business Building Series Continues

Burbank - - In the third of a four-part series, Job Training’s team of experts met at the Burbank Community Service Building to deliver a seminar titled, “Marketing – From Strategies to Implementation.”

Speaking before a packed room of almost 60 individuals, veteran instructor Dr. Virginia Green explained the power of social media to help both the individual and the business person in creating a profitable sale, whether selling themselves or their business.

Focusing on Twitter and LinkedIn, two of today’s most successful social media outlets, Dr. Green spoke about the use of the Internet as the perfect vehicle to send a message as both a marketing tool and to build relationships.

The seminars are the result of a partnership formed between Job Training and Burbank’s Team Business, whose mission in part is to “foster a climate that generates jobs . . .and promote economic, social, and environmental sustainability . . for the entire community.”

The first two seminars were on target to meet this goal, the first called “Increasing Sales and Selling in Challenging Times,” and the second labeled “Providing Excellent Customer Service.” At each event, a continental breakfast is supplied, allowing guests a comfortable atmosphere to meet prior to the event and exchange information.

The final workshop of the series will be offered on June 3. Delivered by acclaimed speaker Jim Marteney, it is titled “Creativity and Innovation for Your Business. For more information, visit the Team Business Web page at teambusinessburbank.com.