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Money Management BSA Proves Resounding Success

October 23, 2009 - - Partnering with the City of Burbank’s Team Business, Newleaf Corporation, and Junior Achievement, Job Training presented their most recent seminar, “The Magic of Numbers – Seven Numbers that Every Business Needs to Know to Succeed in 2010.”

Speaking before an audience of more than 65 people at Junior Achievement’s Finance Park (sometimes termed the Disneyland of Financial Education), veteran presenter Paul Butler led the seminar, discussing a wide variety of financial topics that included cash flow, productivity, financial intelligence, customer promotion, and much more.

Butler, whose background includes extensive business experience, as well as a senior position with Pricewaterhouse Coopers and regional director with Hilton and Marriott Hotels, led the discussion which included a question and answer session.

The highly diverse audience included a representative from both small and large companies, the non-profit sector, the Mayor's office of Los Angeles, and educational partners.

Scott McGookin, Redevelopment Project Manager for the City of Burbank, commenting on Burbank's Scott McGookin speaking before an attentive audience. The event proved to be an overshwelming success.the event said, "It proved to be an excellent opportunity for Burbank businesses and other businesses within the region to step back and refocus on the key elements of what makes their individual businesses successful. Burbank applauds LA Valley College and Paul Butler for facilitating this Business Success Academy in Burbank.”

He added that the Business Success Academy offered businesses an opportunity to network and meet new people and learn of resources available to strengthen their businesses.

Finance Park is one of two of its kind on the west coast, where finance students may experience a real-life setting of stores, shops, and financial institutions. There, they explore a multitude of financial concepts such as credit, debt, investing, pricing research, and much more.