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Seventeen Graduates Headed Toward
Employment with Baxter BioScience

Glassell Park - - Following a five-week training course, 17 graduates continue on a solid path toward full-time employment with Baxter BioScience. Once employed, they're first job will be to serve as manufacturing technicians I. Their role will be to clean and set up the machines the pharmaceutical company uses to make fluids and drugs for users worldwide.

During training, the group received instruction in areas such as lean science for the workplace, good manufacturing practices, computer skills, writing, documenting work, and customer service. Classes took place at the LACCD Van de Kamp Innovation Center in Glassell Park and were conducted in a large part by Los Angeles Valley College Job Training.

At the graduation, one of the keynote speakers, senior staffing representative Tim Flynn, offered kind words to the group, promising to work with each individual to help prepare them for successful careers with Baxter BioScience.

Also speaking was Anthony Sainz, one of two class members repesenting the graduates. Sainz noted that he was grateful for the opportunity offered to him by Baxter BioScience and looked forward to becoming an outstanding represenative of Los Angeles Valley College as he moved forward.

The event marks the fourth time Job Training has been involved with a Baxter graduation, having sent almost 80 individuals in the past year to solid careers with the company.

Funding for the training was sponsored by the High Growth Initiative for the biomedical industry and granted by the LA City Workforce Investment Board. The Inititative is part of a strategic effort to prepare workers to take advantage of new and increasing job opportunities in high growth, high demand, and economically vital sectors of the American economy.

Job Training plans to continue starting another class with Baxter BioScience later this year.

The Baxter BioScience Graduating Class