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Baxter BioScience Ceremony Features Employee Presentations

Los Angeles - - The culmination of a three-month training event for Baxter BioScience was highlighted when the global healthcare company's management and supervisors were treated to nine presentations from their employees about how to improve efficiencies at its Los Angeles plant. 

The training, facilitated by Job Training, served more than 700 employees, and officially began at the end of January during a recent facility renovation. Topics included “Decision Making and Baxter employee Charles Bucu delivers his presentation.Critical Thinking,” “Attitude for Success,” and “Effective Communication.”  These "Leadership Essentials” were developed through a collaboration of Baxter's management and Job Training with the goal of empowering and developing the company’s incumbent workforce. It was funded through the California Employment Training Panel (ETP) which allows companies to upgrade the skills of their employees to successfully compete in the global economy.

A special six-week curriculum contextualized for biotechnology was also developed for more than 120 employees. That training included classes on “environment, health and safety,” “chemistry,” and “good manufacturing practices.”  Using the knowledge gained over the extended training, these employees formed small groups and worked together to develop presentations designed to Jerry Zaslow and Elizabeth Schulz received a Certificate of Excellence from Job Training Director Lennie Ciufo.strengthen Baxter’s Los Angeles facility and contribute to the company’s overall bottom line.
The presentations tackled a variety of issues, from recycling projects that would save money and materials to devices that would eliminate waste and streamline processes. One group even developed a forum to tap into the knowledge of Baxter’s employees. 

Managers and supervisors who attended the ceremony were very impressed with the ingenuity and hard work that went into each presentation.  Tuba Diken, Director of Manufacturing Operations for the Fractionation Business unit said, “We are very thankful for our partnership with LAVC and the services they have provided to Baxter’s Los Angeles facility. This partnership is a win-win for all parties and we look forward to working together again in the future.” 

Job Training Director Lennie Ciufo expressed his pride in working with Baxter, citing the results of the successful project. "It's a great example of how a public/private partnership can work together to increase the productivity of a local company."

Plans continue for future projects between the two organizations.

The Baxter Graduates
The Baxter Graduates