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Metro Graduates Prepare for Employment

November 6 , 2006 - - Responding to the growing needs of the increased demand for bus operators in the City of Los Angeles, Job Training spearheaded a recent project to provide training and assistance to prepare individuals for employment. Much of the class was geared toward giving language learners the opportunity to meet the initial requirements of Metro.

Partnering with the Community Career Development (CDD) WorkSource Center,Students travel down a "virtual street" as they take a ride on the simulator. Literacy @Work, and Metro, 23 students successfully completed a course focused on language skills, customer service, study techniques, test preparation, and interviewing skills. They now move on to the interview phase with Metro, where they’re expected to continue their quest to gain full-time employment.

The five-week training, conducted at the CDD, was highlighted by visits to the Metro bus instructional simulator as well as talks by current bus operators who were invited to the class to encourage students to pursue this career goals.

Noting the success of the project, Job Training Director Lennie Ciufo remarked, “Metro has been a champion in working tirelessly in providing direction to the other partners as they move forward to meeting the mayor’s goals of hiring more bus operators for the city. This is a great example of city and state funded agencies working together for a great employer in the city of LA to support the city’s needs."

Metro continues to look to Job Training to meet their current and future bus operator goals.

Metro graduating class displays their certificates.
Metro graduating class displays their certificates
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