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Customized Solutions for
Business and Industry

The Business Success Academy offers a no-cost, introductory series of interactive
seminars around the San Fernando Valley, allowing businesses the opportunity
to participate in interactive classes taught by the professional Workforce Training staff.
For information, call the Business Success Academy at (818) 947-2927.

Previous Seminars from the Business Success Academy   

Creative Decision Making
 Creative Problem Solving
How to Get the Most Out of Your Employees
 Understanding Social Media
Sexual Harassment and Sensitivity
 Time Management
Leading in a Diverse Workplace
 Motivating Your Employees
Establishing Business Ethics
 Providing Excellent Customer Service
Making Effective Decisions
 Developing Effective Teams
Managing Conflict
 Mastering Effective Communication
Servicing Difficult Customers
 Selling in Tough Times
Achieving Goals
 Recognizing Stress and Burnout
Creativity and Innovation for Your Business
 OSHA/Creating Your Employee Handbook
Marketing - From Strategies to Implementation
 Innovative Ways to Reduce Your Labor Costs
Building High-Performance Employees
 Computer Security
Role of Leadership in Motivating Employees
 Emotional Intelligence for Managers
Personal Empowerment - Managing and Leading
 Age Diversification in the Workplace

Business men and women attend a BSA lecture designed to help them upgrade their skills.