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Another Successful Graduation Conducted by
Superior Super Warehouse Stores

November 6 , 2006 -- A class of 32 individuals received heartfelt congratulations Monday after graduating from the Superior Super Warehouse customer service and cashier training class. The group, which will move into full-time employment at thePresident & CEO of Superior Super Warehouse Mimi Song addresses the graduating class. market’s Highland Park store when it opens on December 14, completed an intense 75-hour course in which they learned everything from the proper way to greet customers to use of the cash register. The graduates will begin immediate employment at store locations in the immediate area while they await the grand opening date.

The class, developed and conducted by the Los Angeles Valley College Job Training Program, was coordinated in conjunction with the Chicana Service Action Center, the lead agency for their WorkSource Center, located in Los Angeles.

Addressing the group, Mimi Song, president and CEO of Superior, electrified the graduates and guests as she explained their future potential with the company. Indeed, many former graduates of similar classes have moved upward into important managerial positions.

Also on hand for the graduation were Phil Lawrence, senior vice president of operations for Superior, and Sophia Esparza, CEO of Chicana.

The conclusion of the class marks the 21st time Job Training has participated in a store opening with the supermarket chain.

The Superior Super Warehouse graduating class.
The Superior Super Warehouse graduating
class. Click on the picture for a bigger view.