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LAVC Job Training Customizes Training
to Meet Local Employer Needs

Valley Glen - - Los Angeles Valley College (LAVC) Job Training works closely with local businesses to determine their training needs and develop customized solutions to address those areas. Job Training recently partnered with two organizations, Precision Dynamics Corporation (PDC), and Jewish Home for the Aging, assisting in the recruiting, screening, and training of potential employees, resulting in nearly 30 people accepting positions within the two companies.
PDC, manufacturer of wristbands and identification solutions and the global leader in patient Precision Dynamics Headquarterssafety through identification systems, was putting together a new department of outbound account representatives. The Jewish Home for the Aging, a non-profit, multi-level senior living facility, was opening a new center in Reseda and was looking for house keepers, room attendants, valet drivers, and people to work in food service.

In each case, Job Training circulated the information about the opportunities to thousands of contacts, pre-screened interested job seekers, and presented the most qualified candidates to the business partners. PDC and Jewish Home for the Aging narrowed down the candidates even further and invited them to attend week long pre-employment training programs through Job Training.

Job Training customized and delivered the training programs for each partner. Tony Jaramillo, Senior Field Representative, met with the two employers individually to listen to and address their unique business requests. “We meet the needs of businesses by sitting down and strategizing together,” Jaramillo said. “We make sure we understand their specific needs before creating a recruiting plan and training curriculum.”   

As a result of these meetings, the Jewish Home for the Aging included courses such as Customer Service, Communication and Listening Skills, and Motivation and Attitude in the Workplace.

PDC’s training program included lessons entitled Outbound Telesales; Goal Setting for Sales Success; Account Acquisition, Penetration, and Retention; and 10 Ways to Shine in Front of a Customer.

Director of Human Resources for PDC, Fabian Grijalva, raved about the experience of working with Job Training, saying they’ve worked together for over six years. “The best thing about working with Job Training is they never say no. When we ask them if they can do something they always say, ‘yes,’ or ‘let’s see how we can make this work.’ ” 

Mike Assadi, PDC Director of Inside Sales, attended the week long training to ensure it met PDC’s needs. “The training by far exceeded my expectations,” he said.

Grijalva said having the new employees go through training helped them start their work at PDC on the right foot. “You could really see the camaraderie grow amongst the new employees. They came in on day one as a team.” He noted that while they still have healthy competition, they’ve gone out of their way to help their fellow employees as they transition into their new positions. 

“Every experience I’ve had working with Job Training has been positive,” Grijalva said. “They are accommodating, fun, and we have a mutual respect for one another.” He said he looks forward to their next opportunity to work together.

Administration at Jewish Home for the Aging agreed, saying they’ve partnered together on projects for over five years and know their working history will continue. They expressed their gratitude towards Job Training citing the hard work and specific customization that went toward their recent training.

If you are a business or organization in need of hiring and training new hires or current employees, please contact Job Training Director Lennie Ciufo, or Tony Jaramillo, at Job Training to discuss your needs. They may also be contacted by calling 818-947-2941.

The graduating class from Jewish Home for the Aging proudly displays their certificates (click on photo for bigger image).
The graduating class from Jewish Home for the Aging proudly
displays their certificates (click on photo for bigger image).