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32 New Hires Join Bank of America
Career opportunities comes at time of high unemployment

December 16, 2009 - - In a period of prolonged growing unemployment, the collaborative efforts of the City of Los Angeles, the Community Career Developement (CCD), and Los Angeles Valley College (LAVC) Job Training has successfully resulted in employment for 32 individuals as loan processors at the Bank of America Fulfillment Center in Woodland Hills. The full-time, high-paying, career opportunity positions will begin on December 21.

The success of the project comes on the heels of a similar collaboration conducted earlier this year, when Bank of America hired 25 loan processors. In that project, as in the most recent endeavor, CCD's Executive Director Gloria Moore authorized National Emergency Grant Funds from the State of California Employment Development Department (EDD) through the City of Los Angeles' and the Los Angeles Workforce Investment Board, which covered the cost of the training program.

Immediately after the release of funds, the partnership orchestrated a massive marketing campaign, placing advertisements with radio station KRTH, the Los Angeles Times, and online classified advertisement service Craig's List, while conducting a massive email blast to all partners in their city system. In addition, Job Training set up a dedicated phone line as well as a Web page with further directions for interested candidates.

More than 300 resumes arrived at the desk of Job Training's senior field representative Tony Jaramillo, who, using criteria established by Bank of America, reduced the list to 60 candidates, all of whom were interviewed. As a result, 40 were contacted to attend training at LAVC.

Enrollment into this program included case management services provided by CCD's Rhonda Rose, who provided supportive services to students to overcome barriers in employment such as transportation vouchers and approved personal expenses.

On November 25, the group began a customized training course which included modules in various areas such as leadership, teamwork, and customer service, culminating in a 2009 FHA mortgage training course which stressed recent changes in FHA laws. More than 600 pages of updated FHA information were made available to the students on a CD disk each could use in the classroom and then take home. Additionally, the information was placed online (lavc.edu/jobtraining/mortage), both for their future reference as well as for use by current Bank of America employees.

The class concluded with a certificate presentation ceremony, attended by project representatives that included Ms. Moore; Deborah diCesare, LAVC Dean of Economic Development; Linda Mims, Deputy Director, CDD; Dennis Parks, CDD Analyst; Gilbert von Studnitz, State of California Development Department Regional Advisor; Lennie Ciufo, LAVC Job Training Director; and Bill Schnieders, Bank of America Vice President .

Ms. Moore, whose organization has seen continued success in the area of job placement, praised the partnership, told the group, "This has been an excellent example of a successful public-private venture for the local community."

Mr. Schnieders thanked the collaborative, explaining the important role they played, especially at this time, saying in part, "I don't know what I would have done without LAVC Job Training and the City of LA. The high demand on my staff is at a premium at a time when we have a dire need to expand our workforce. We have an immediate demand to actively respond to the growing amount of loans that continue to flow into our department."

Representing the class, Ms. Kendall Sykes told the group she was looking forward to her upcoming employment, "Thank you to Bank of America and Valley College for this opportunity," she said. "This training has been a blessing; I look forward to working with my new friends and colleagues as we embark on this great journey with courage and enthusiasm."

Job Training and Community Career Development continue to partner on innovative workforce development projects and have plans to design and implent upper level employment opportunities to the local community in 2010.

The Bank of America graduates joined by teachers and staff.
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