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CEO Addresses Graduating Metro Class

July 17, 2009 --With smiles on their faces, 30 graduates of the  Los Angeles Valley College-Metro Bridge Training class received certificates today, confident their dedication will lead to an upwardly mobile career in transportation.

The candidates, selected in partnership with the Wilshire-Metro WorkSource Center, enjoyed 50 hours of customized training designedArt Leahy  to prepare them for their future with the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Authority (Metro). Both the training and the graduation took place in the boardroom at Metro headquarters in Los Angeles.

Metro CEO Art Leahy addressed the graduating class, sharing stories of the early part of his career, where he started as a bus operator with the city of Los Angeles 38 years ago. Speaking to the group, Leahy encouraged the graduates to take the next steps to success as they begin their careers. He concluded by reminding them that they are “the faces of Metro.”

Also addressing the group was Michael Michael DolphinDolphin, the Division Chief for the Los Angeles-Ventura Worksource Centers. While acknowledging the class and telling them of being inspired by their stories, Dolphin took special pleasure in recognizing the seven veterans, giving each specially designed certificates for their “dedicated service to the United States of America.”
Dolphin, a veteran, has been an invaluable supporter of the Bridge program, one he cites as “a model partnership.”

Job Training Director Lennie Ciufo was quick to express his pleasure with the teamwork that exists between Metro, Valley College, the Employment Development Department (EDD), and the Metro-Wilshire WorkSource Center. “We all work together," he said, "because we have the same mission to positively reach Los Angeles’ residents with training that leads to real jobs."

The graduation marks the 21st time the four organizations have successfully worked together.

The Graduating Metro class proudly display their certificates.
The graduating Metro class proudly display
their certificates (click picture for larger image).