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International Students Office

International Student Counseling

location, contact information and hours of operation

Student Services Center (SSC) 1st Floor

Hours: 818-778-5517

Mon - Thu: 8am - 7pm
Friday: 8am - 1pm

An International Student Counselor is available to assist all current internatinal students with developing a Comprehensive Student Educational Plans (CSEP) in order to complete their educational goals on a timely manner to graduate and/or transfer to other four-year colleges or universities.  

To meet with the international student counselor, please call the Counseling Departent at (818) 947-2600, ext. 4200.  There are specialized appointments available to assist the current international students on the timely manner; therefore, when calling, students need to indicate that they are internatinal students and have their Student Identification Number ready.  

Plese note, that in order to travel outdise the United States, a Designated School Offricial signature is required on I-20.  Plan to obtain a Travel Advisory and Signature at least two weeks before traveling.  Keep in mind that durng holiday seisons the college may be closed; therefore plan acordigly.  

Forms for all types of requests are available onine.  Make sure to complete the appropriate request form and bring with you to your appointment.  Click here to locate all forms.