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International Students Office

Admission Information

International Students

Student Services Center (SSC) 1st Floor 818-778-5517
Mon - Thu: 8am - 7pm
Friday: 8am - 1pm

To qualify for admission, Los Angeles Valley College requires applicants to demonstrate:

  1. English Proficiency
  2. Academic Ability
  3. Financial Solvency

Admissions requirements are the same; however, procedures vary based on the type of applicant. Let's figure out what type of applicant you are.

  1. Out-Of-Country Applicants
    Are you applying to LAVC from your country and planning to apply for your visa at home? If you answered yes, you are an out-of-country applicant. Click here for out-of-country admissions procedures.
  2. Transfer Student Applicants
    Are you currently attending another educational institution in the United States on an F-1 (student) visa? If you answered yes, you are a transfer student.
    Click here for transfer student application procedures.
  3. Change-Of-Status Applicants
    Are you currently in the United States and want to change your visa type to become an F-1 student? If you answered yes, you are a change-of-status applicant.
    Click here for change-of-status application procedures.
  4. Concurrently Enrolled Applicants
    F-1 Visa students who wish to concurrently enroll in a class at Los Angeles Valley College while attending another school, must submit the following documents to the International Students Admissions Office located in the Student Services Building:
    • Application for Admission [PDF: 300KB]
    • Current I-20
    • Passport, F-1 Visa and I-94
    • An official letter from your current DSO verifying your status as well which classes you wish to take. You will need to submit a new letter and Application for Admission for every semester you concurrently enroll at Los Angeles Valley College