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Name: The American Psychiatric Association
Link: www.thebody.com/apa/apapage.html

Name: The American Psychological Association
Link: www.helping.apa.org
Name: WebMD Health
Link: www.my.webmd.com
Name: Journal of the American Medical Association
Link: pubs.ama-assn.org
Name: New England Journal of Medicine
Link: content.nejm.org
Name: American Heart Association
Link: www.americanheart.org
Name: New York University
Link: www.nyu.edu/education
Name: Health Central
Link: www.healthcentral.com
Name: American Cancer Society
Link: www.cancer.org
Name: American Lung Association of Los Angeles County
Link: www.lalung.org
Name: Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
Link: www.cdc.gov
Name: U.S. Surgeon General - The U.S. Public Health Service
Link: www.surgeongeneral.gov/phs200
Name: Morbidity and Mortality
Link: www2.cdc.gov/mmwr
Name: National Institute of Health
Link: www.nih.gov
Name: HIV-AIDS (English & Spanish)
Link: www.noah.cunny.edu
Name: Pregnancy
Link: www.noah.cuny.edu/pregnancy/pregnancy.html
Name: Nathan's Bookmarks (many web sites)
Link: www.cashe.org/bkmarks.htm
Name: Women's Health
Link: www.herhealth.com
Name: Al-anon, Alateen
Link: www.al-anon.alateen.org
Name: Citizens for a Better Environment
Link: www.igc.apc.org
Name: Dairy Council of California
Link: www.dairycouncilofca.org
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