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Here's a rough review of our entire curriculum so far., indicating everything we've offered. If you'd like us to repeat something in particular, please let us know at


IDEAS Curriculum 

Computer 101

A chance for beginners to get up to speed.
After Effects and Photoshop Boot Camp
The creation, importation, and manipulation of photographic materials and the animation of elements for use pre-production and post-production environments.
Photoshop Grand Tour
For beginners and others who want to take the extensive Grand Tour of everything that Photoshop can do.
Illustrator Grand Tour
Photoshop 1
Get up and running on the workhorse of image manipulation software!
Photoshop 2
More tools, more tricks, more of everything you need!
Sketch - Up 1
Developed for the conceptual stages of design, powerful easy-to-learn 3D!
After Effects
The essential tool for motion graphics and visual effects!!!
Final Cut Pro 1
Powerful and precise editing tools that work with any format! Power up presentations!
Maya 1 -
This is the KING KONG of visualization software - don't Monkey around sign up today while there is space!
Maya 2:
Continuation of our Maya 1 classes.
Internet and E-mail 101
For people new to using the Internet as a research and communications tool; Workshop covers basics of navigating the World Wide Web, and sending and receiving e-mail.
After Effects (Intermediate)
For people looking to further their basic After Effects skills.
Topics include 3D effects, time remapping, text animation and animated masks.
Photoshop Filters and Plug-ins –
For people who want an overview of Photoshop’s built-in filters. And some of the third-party plug-ins available.
Digital Portfolio Creation and Delivery
For people who want to organize and distribute visual samples of their own work via DVD and the Internet. The workshop will use Apple’s iLife software to execute the entire digital delivery process.
File Transfers – Importing and Exporting      
For people who need an improved understanding of how to move files of various types between different applications, as well as how to move files from computer to computer over networks or via the Internet.
Introduction to Color Management
For people who want a better understanding of the issues and techniques involved in maintaining consistent color on screen and during output.
Advanced Maya Workshop – “Chasing Maya 2
This continuing advanced Maya workshop will focus on designing a cinematic chase scene using Maya 3-D animation software. Participants will be free to interpret the chase scene to suit their technical or creative interests. It could be made with characters running, an arrow chasing towards a target, a car chase, an aerial dogfight, or any other concept.
Introduction to Digital Film/Video Editing with Final Cut Pro
This introductory workshop presents one of most powerful non-linear editing tools to make its way into feature film production. Learn about capturing footage, organizing digital assets, planning workflow, basic editing tools used in building a show, and more. -- Powerful and precise editing tools that work with any format!
Maya 3D Animation for Motion Capture.
Learn how motion capture data in integrated into Maya and enhanced in this all-powerful 3D animation tool.
The Care and Feeding of Agents - How to swim with the sharks and live to tell about it.
More and more below-the-line folks are using agents. Find out the pros and cons of having an agent; what the do's and don'ts are in selecting an agent, and if you decide to engage one – how to have a successful relationship with your agent.
Intermediate/Advanced Photoshop for Professionals
Fun tutorials, killer tips, timesavers, explanations of obscure options and help with your own problem images all provided! Get the edge in Photoshop today! 
Dreamweaver – Hands-On 2
For folks who just took the Grand Tour of Dreamweaver of for those who have some exposure to DRM and can take on Photoshop.
Illustrator: Grand Tour
THE perfect class for the Illustrator novice.  In introduction to the tools, interface, and organization of this amazing vector-based drawing program. What to know - what does what?  This is your class!
Photoshop -Hands-On 1
Continue on after the Grand Tour and or for advanced-beginners. Get your hands on this important image manipulation tool. SOME FAMILIARITY WITH THE PHOTOSHOP INTERFACE REQUIRED.
ProTools Grand Tour
Gain an understanding of this “must-know” tool for audio editing for Film/TV and the commercial recording industry.
Photoshop - Hands-On
Continue on after our Photoshop Hands-On 1 class or for users who'd like to learn more.
After Effects for Professionals
Learn how to create Motion Graphics with this industry standard software. Title sequences, Animatics and much, much more! FAMILIARITY WITH THE PHOTOSHOP REQUIRED.
Intro to Computer Graphics for Beginners -
Beginning computer users learn the basics of 2D and 3D graphics. If you want to know which programs do what and the differences between them this lecture/demo class is for you.
32.  Using your Digital Camera and Archiving and Organizing Your Images Using Photoshop
Intro to Adobe Flash
Digital Portfolio
Adobe Acrobat
Retouching Photos & Object Removal
Adobe InDesign Grand Tour
A non-project-based workshop covering all the tools.
Garage band for Mac - Quick and Easy Soundtracks for Digital Presentations
Ray's Tips and Tricks (Pro User shows you nifty tools to make you a power user!)
Preparing Photos for the Web and Digital Image File Formats
Topics in Photoshop - Six stand-alone classes - 4 hours each!

1. Stars and Planets

2. Wood, Water and Stone

3. Graffiti and Brick 

4. Bling! Sparkling Text and Shapes 

5. Cutting, Masking, Embossing 

6. Make a Microphone, and More




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