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Richard Holdredge, Professor of Education

Richard Holdredge was director of the Learning Center at Los Angeles Valley College from 1980-2001. He has taught in the Cinema Arts and Media Arts programs at LAVC part-time since 1995. With a Master of Arts in Cinema from the University of Southern California, Mr. Holdredge has worked for the USC School of Medicine producing video, film, and a variety of other media in medical education. He has continued this work as a part-time consultant, producing many video programs at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles. His favorite client and producing partner is Dr. Barbara Korsch, Professor of Medicine at USC and CHLA, and an internationally recognized expert in doctor-patient communication, with whom Richard has worked since 1970.


Dennis Reed, Dean of Fine, Performing, and Media Arts

Dennis Reed worked on the original grant application for IDEAS and is the administrator in charge of this and many progams at LAVC. Mr. Reed has served as instructor and chair of the LAVC Art Department. He has published several works related to the art of photography and is a sought-after consultant for documentary films and museums.



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