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The IDEAS partnership with the LAVC Media Arts Department is a core ingredient to the success of IDEAS.

IDEAS relies on the expertise of the LAVC Media Arts faculty and a joint Advisory Committee in making plans for future activities in the Region.

Since Valley College is home base for the IDEAS Regional Center, its facilities have become crucial for the success of IDEAS. The IDEAS grant has invested in upgrading the computers and software for the Media Arts Department, purchased additional equipment for digital video production, and has sponsored a special seminar to upgrade faculty skills in non-linear vodeo editing, taught by Apple-Certified Final Cut Pro Instructor Larry Jordan.

IDEAS Director Richard Holdredge teaches part-time in the Media Arts Department. He has taught Cinema 101 for four semesters and he has been teaching Media Arts 102 for eight semesters. He has working with curriculum development since he chaired the original Media Arts Committee, which began several years before the current Media Arts Department was reformulated.



Last Updated: 11/4/08