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IDEAS is a Regional Center of the Multimedia/Entertainment Initiative of the Economical Development and Workforce Development Program of the State Chancellor's Office of the California Community Colleges.

IDEAS is based at Los Angeles Valley College, located in the heart of the San Fernando Valley and in close proximity to many studios and production operations vital to the entertainment industry. It has as its main partner the Media Arts Department of Valley College, which has a decades long history of providing quality education in broadcasting and cinema and an admirable trrack record in training scores of successful individuals who found employment in broadcasting and film production.

IDEAS primary goals is to enhance the economic development of the region by providing training in digital media tools for current professionals in the entertainment industry and media arts faculty at regional colleges, universities and high schools.

IDEAS and Media Arts have brought recognition to Valley College with its designation as a nationally recognized New Media Center by the New Media Consortium. (Learn more about NMC in our "Partners" section.)

Contact IDEAS at ideas@lavc.edu.

Richard Holdredge
IDEAS Director
Los Angeles Valley College
5800 Fulton Avenue
Valley Glen, California 91401

The Mac G4 lab at Valley College



Last Updated: 11/4/08