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Whenever IDEAS can be directly involved in the economic development of the region it becomes very exciting. Although the beginnings are modest, IDEAS hopes to play a role in local and regional affairs that will take advantage of its many partners, resources and growing accumulated knowledge.

IDEAS was asked to join in the educational steering committee for the NoHo Community Redevelopment Association, which is active is revitalizing the neighbor hood in North Hollywood that serves a number of media related concerns including post-production firms, recording studios, and the Television Academy. the recent opening of the North Hollywood Metrolink station has been an achor for much city planning in the area. A proposed focal point of a new Museum of Animation to be part of NoHo has sparked discussion about links to educational institutions, and Valley College and IDEAS have wanted to become part of that endeavor.

Although we can't yet reveal details, concepts for products to aid entertainment industry professionals in artistic and management areas are in development, and IDEAS plans to be part of the training in using these new products. Watch this space for further developments!



Last Updated: 11/4/08