Letter of Recommendation Request Form

Prof. Sara Huang


Please complete this form.

Part I Requestor Personal Information

1.     Your name (Print) _____________________

2.     Your contact information:

a.     Email: _________________________________

b.     Phone: ___________________________________

3.     List the course (s) you took from me _______________

4.     When did you take my class? __________

5.     Check the grade you earned.



Check One











Less than satisfactory





Note: Students who earned less than a B may receive a strong letter of support about personality and integrity but not academic achievement.


6.     This recommendation letter is for ___________________________________

7.     To whom the letter should be addressed to:


8.     Attach a current personal resume and description of your achievements.


9.     List three main reasons why the program or school you are applying should accept you instead of someone else with the same qualifications.


a.     ______________________________________________________________________________


b.     ______________________________________________________________________________


c.     ______________________________________________________________________________


10.  Attach a short paragraph of your study tips for the class(es) you took from me.

Part II Other Information

  1. Under normal circumstances, the instructor needs at least three weeks to complete a letter of recommendation during the semester. The instructor is not able to write a good Letter of Recommendation within a week during the semester and mailed it in for you to beat the deadline. The instructor is not available during winter or summer recesses, please plan ahead. This instructor will also not able to provide any letter within the two weeks right the beginning of school and two weeks before final exam.


  1. The student shall complete any parts that need to be completed by you. If you request to see a reference letter, the letter is deemed less creditable than a letter requested by some one who waives his or her right to see it.


  1. Note: A letter can not be written if any of the requested information is missing.


  1. Please include stamps in case letters have to be mailed out.