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The contents of this Faculty Handbook describe facilities, policies, and practices at Los Angeles Valley College. As such, they add to the body of procedures and policies of the Los Angeles Community College District. It is understood that Federal, State, and local laws, Board Rules, Los Angeles Community College District rules and regulations, and the provisions of the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the American Federation of Teachers College Guild and the Los Angeles Community College District Board of Trustees take precedence over any portion of this Handbook. This Faculty Handbook is designed to serve many functions. It can be used as a guide by a new faculty member and as a reference by others. An attempt has been made to provide complete information wherever possible. Supplementary documents may be suggested on some subjects. Since the handbook is provided to be helpful to faculty, suggestions for improvements are welcome and should be submitted in writing to the Academic Senate.

About Being an Instructor

Paychecks: Paychecks will be sent to the faculty member's home address or bank. A form for changing the address to which the paycheck should be mailed must be filed with the college Personnel Office (Administration 105A).

Parking: Free on-campus parking is provided to members of the College Staff in the following locations: College Road North, College Road South, the street on the north side of the Women's Gym, the first row of Lot C (east of the Art Building) and Lot H (entered from Burbank Blvd.). Each staff member's car that is parked on campus must have the required permit decal hanging from the back of the rear view mirror. This decal can be obtained from the College Police (Bungalow 59). Cars parked on campus without the decal are subject to police citation.

Keys: Classroom doors are opened by the custodian for only the first two weeks of each semester. Keys for offices, classrooms and cabinets should be requested from the Office of Administrative Services (Administration 108) at the beginning of the semester. Key requests must be approved by the department chair.

Mailroom: Faculty are given a combination to a mailbox in the Administration Building.

Faculty Lounge:  A Faculty Lounge at the north end of the Cafeteria Building is available to all faculty. Keys (#F45) may be requested in AD. 108. The lounge has men's and women's toilets, showers, and cot rooms. The Senate and AFT hold their meetings here, and the room may be booked for other events by application to the Faculty President.

Status and Rating


District Hospital-Medical, Dental, Life Insurance, and Vision Programs

Leaves: See the Collective Bargaining Agreement, go to

Employment Contracts: Formal written contracts between instructors and the District are not ordinarily used. An official assignment order from the Personnel Division is issued to each new instructor. Acceptance of employment in writing constitutes completion of the contract, which is effective until resignation, dismissal, or retirement.

Performance Evaluations: Performance evaluation procedures for regular, contract, temporary and hourly rate employees are described in the collective bargaining agreement. Read the Agreement carefully. Go to

District Sexual Harassment Policy: The policy of the Los Angeles Community College District is to provide an educational, employment and business environment free from unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct or communications constituting sexual harassment. Employees, students, or other persons acting on behalf of the District who engage in sexual harassment as defined in this policy or by state or federal law shall be subject to discipline, up to and including discharge, expulsion or termination of contract. The specific rules and procedures for reporting charges of sexual harassment and for pursuing available remedies are incorporated in the Board Rules in Chapter 15.

Conference Attendance: Under the Collective Bargaining Agreement, the District provides funds for instructors who wish to attend professional meetings or conferences. These funds are allocated by a Faculty Conference Attendance Committee appointed by the Academic Senate. Conference attendance application forms for released time and/or expenses may be secured from the Office of Administrative Services (Ad. 108). The application should be submitted no later than one month in advance of the meeting. (In case of extenuating circumstances, the President or the President's designee may waive the time stipulation.) Applications for funds must be approved by the Conference Attendance Committee. A form should be completed even if no funds are requested and no classes will be missed in order that insurance coverage will apply, should an accident occur while the faculty member is traveling to or from the meeting. Applications for Staff Development funds are made on forms supplied by that Committee. Maximum reimbursement for expenses depends on the number of applications and the extent of the budget for the school year.

College Governance: It is the responsibility of all monthly rate faculty assigned under the provision of this Article to be involved in college activities. These activities may include, but are not limited to, evaluation of student performance, curriculum development, sponsorship of co-curricular groups, college or District committee work, faculty meetings, or in-service training or staff development. It is through such active involvement in college affairs that faculty can share in the governance of the college and the district.

Released/Reassigned Time:

Routine Obligations and Responsibilities: The following recommendations were developed by the college wide approval process of the Valley College Curriculum Committee and approved by the Academic Senate.

Absences: Instructors must notify the office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs as far in advance as possible when it is necessary for them to be absent because of illness or for other reasons. This notice should include: Name, department, reason for absence, length of expected absence, and class schedule during period of absence. Indicate if any of the classes which will be missed are hourly rate assignments. DO NOT CALL A SUBSTITUTE YOURSELF. To report your absence call 818-947-2326. Following an absence the appropriate absence card, (cream color) for illness be filled out and returned to the Office of Academic Affairs immediately. Failure to fill out absence cards promptly may result in withholding of salary.

Commencement: Commencement takes place at the end of each school year. Unless other professional responsibilities conflict, it is expected that faculty will participate in the commencement exercises, including the academic procession. The presence of the faculty is an important contribution, helping to make the graduation exercises a memorable occasion for the graduates, their families, and friends.

Classroom Guest Speakers may be selected, scheduled, and notified by faculty members, but the instructor shall inform the Vice President of Academic Affairs on the form entitled Classroom Guest Speaker. These forms, available in the Office of Academic Affairs, must be submitted to the Vice President by the Department Chair at least 3 days prior to the scheduled speaker.

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Academic Rights and Responsibilities

Academic Rights and Responsibilities: An instructor at Los Angeles Valley College has many rights; those guaranteed by the AFT Collective Bargaining Agreement with the LACCD, tenure and the American tradition of academic freedom. Commensurate responsibilities accrue with these rights. A separate booklet entitled Academic Rights and Responsibilities covers this area in detail. It also outlines procedures followed at Los Angeles Valley College when an instructor is accused of not living up to his or her responsibilities. It is good idea to become familiar with the material in the "Rights and Responsibilities" handbook on the LAVC website.

Course Standards: Individual instructors carry out their assignments under the aegis and direction of their department. Instructors should know, however, that courses taught for credit must meet minimum state requirements. The Curriculum Standards Handbook for the California Community Colleges, available in your department, lists course and program requirements in detail. Some of the essential requirements are:

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The Academic Senate recommends that unsolicited written communications or verbal complaints from students about faculty members be handled by the department involved. The procedures outlined below provide an appropriate process, which will dovetail with the District policy on Student Grievances.

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PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATIONS, OFFICERS, AND ELECTIONS: Following is partial list of organizations whose aims are of general interest to all instructors. Additional information may be obtained from the officers or representatives.

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Educational Programs

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