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Committee Meeting Dates

The next meeting will be held on 5/20/15 at 11 am in the Family Resource Center.

Committee Members

Raul Castillo, Director, LAVC Foundation
Deborah diCesare, Dean, AA, Chair
Raul Gonzalez, Assoc. VP
Sherri Rodriguez, Assoc. Dean

Faculty Members
Ellie Rabani, CalWORKs
Marni Roosevelt, Child Development
Ruby Christian-Brougham, Psychology
Xiaoyang Liu-Behlendorf, Library
Gary Huff, Family Resource Center
Helen Shrager, Job Training

Classified Members
Nona Matatova, SFP Director
Alicen Vera, CalWORKs

Student Member

Resource Members
Lennie Ciufo, Job Training
Michelle Fowles, Dean, R&P
Laurie Nalepa, Dean, AA



Grants Committee

Grants Tracking Form



Grant Approval Process (GAP) Form [Word doc: 84KB] - Before you can submit your proposal to a funding agency, you will need to complete the college's established internal approval process.  The GAP form is used for all proposals seeking funding.

Grant Partnership Tracking Form [PDF: 50KB] - The Grant Partnership Tracking form is used only when no funding is involved and there is zero fiscal impact to the college.  

Q. Why do I need to fill out a tracking form if there are no funds involved?

A. It is important that the Office of Institutional Effectiveness, as well as the campus community, is aware of projects or studies involving our campus and our students.  This ensures a holistic approach to advancing the goals and priorities of the college and enables us to gather more data.  In addition, projects that involve students need input and approval from the Institutional Review Board of the college to ensure appropriate research protocols are followed.