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Take the Green Pledge to conserve resources and save money oncampusand elsewhere.*

Please feel free to add your own to the list. Post outside your office door and spread the word to friends and colleagues! Click here for the Word document.

I pledge to protect our environment and conserve energy and resources every day. Whenever possible, I pledge to…
1. Bring reusable bags when I go shopping. I’ll say “no thank you” to disposable bags offered at stores, including campus bookstores (saves resources and $)!
2. Turn lights off when I leave a room (saves electricity and $).
3. Turn off my computer, monitor and printer at the end of the day (saves electricity and $).
4. Conserve water by turning off the tap while soaping up my hands (saves water and $).
5. Contact campus facilities (818-947-2301) if I notice a leaky faucet or sprinkler (saves water and $).
6. Be mindful when printing documents. I’ll print only when necessary (saves paper, trees, water, energy and $).
7. Recycle glass, paper, plastics and aluminum cans (saves resources, protects the environment and saves $ by requiring fewer trips to the dump).
8. Avoid buying plastic water bottles. I’ll use a suitable refillable water bottle instead!
9. Carpool and use alternate transportation when I can.
10. Close doors and windows when buildings are being heated or cooled.

*The Green Pledge
is provided courtesy of LAVC sustainability members Joan Hackeling, Meredith Leonard, and Lynn Polasek.
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