grid structure under water
Two Poems
Michael Valencia

Won’t your brokenness give up a sign?

I can see those whitest ghosts that follow you upon your trail,

They’re raving and they’re wild across that black water that we sail;

And beneath your velvety spine,
I can see the hollow is dark and blind,
Never will I forget your mind—
Won’t your brokenness give up a sign?

Faster than we tread the dead are feeding and bleeding on your mail,

Forward we move faster as disaster sprints and gathers for our fail;

And though you’re only betrayed by a sigh,
The spirits rise forever high,
You can only start to fly
If you’ll show those tears you can cry.

And so fate is hounding the waves we’re bounding, it’s close on our tail,

But as we’re moving it is soothing to see the freedom that we can hail;

And maybe we’re just the same kind,
But we’re tighter than the fight or what can bind,
Past the waters everything can be fine—
Won’t your brokenness give up a sign?

Morning, Afternoon, Night, Day, Twilight, Night

know abandonment,
the hubcap-eyed baby
on a step
becoming an orphan

know the longing for family
in the other room

know human frailty,
in bed
an S spine
grimacing through it–

know the punctuation:
sentences they write down
in a short hand
over and over again

repeating phrases to the letter
and actions to the finality of losing people

over and over again

repeating I love you
letting go