piled chunks of broken conrete
You and I
Molly LaFleur

I only think of you
When the loneliness becomes so much
That it invades even my dreams,
Seeing things in my sleep
That promise so much,
But never deliver.
Least of all when you’re around.

Being with you is as easy as breathing
Under water,
Thousands of pounds of the briny deep
Crushing my lungs, ribs, sternum,
Pulling, snapping, anchoring me
Deep within your overwhelming hope.

With you, I’m completely sure
That if I were a lump of coal

I would be turned into a diamond
In a matter of weeks, based
On the amount of pressure
You apply to me daily.

Around you I feel everything at once,
The need to start swinging,
Screaming, running, anything.
Things that seemed so promising
Turn to bleak, wearying obligations
That I want to fake sick to avoid.
Like high school.

You and I are a force – No, law of nature,
We can’t help but prove that rule
About equal and opposite reactions.
Every time you push yourself on me
I get farther and farther away,
Each thing that proves to you
(Beyond a shadow of reality)
That we’re meant to be,
Gives me a deep-seeded need
To abandon the logic I once thrived on.
See? Equal. Opposite.