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ETUDES is easy to use. Once loaded with content, ETUDES provides a trouble-free teaching and learning environment. ETUDES sites can be accessed by instructors and students from any platform using any standard browser. No plug-in, email, or FTP is needed.







Last Updated: Thursday November 9, 2006 11:08 AM

What is Etudes?

ETUDES is a course management system that was developed by Michael Loceff, a faculty member at Foothill College in Computers and Information Systems. Michael began developing ETUDES in 1994.

ETUDES is used extensively for the delivery of hybrid and online instruction and for traditional classroom enhancement and management.

Here is what the instructors are saying about ETUDES:

"ETUDES is invisible. Students ask me questions about the content, not how to operate the software. And the time it takes to set up and manage a course is a fraction of what's required by the other course management programs we've tried."-Don Megill, Mira Costa College.

"One thing that concerned me when I first started was whether I could use all of the existing web pages I had developed prior to using ETUDES. Yes, Yes, Yes: the software allows you to leverage all of your existing work and deliver it through the ETUDES interface."-Mike Sult, Foothill College.

"I have taught mathematics online for three years -- with ETUDES and without; with ETUDES I am able to make the class as close to an 'in-person' class as I believe possible...."-Rick Martinez, Foothill College.

According to a comparative study conducted by the Los Rios Community College District's Instructional Technology Coordinators, "the current version of Etudes is better than the current version of Blackboard."