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Orientation and Counseling

Start new student orientation

ORIENTATION: All new, non-exempt students are required to complete online orientation prior to assessment.  Click to start the online Orientation, and sign in with your Student ID number to monitor your progress to completion. Open the companion New Student Handbook to the left as a reference.

Orientation Topics Include:

  • Campus Policies & Procedures
  • Academic Expectations
  • Educational Program Information
  • Campus Resources and Special Programs
  • Maintaining Registration Priority

Copies of the New Student Handbook are available in the Counseling Dept.

Start Counseling: First Semester Planning

COUNSELING: FIRST SEMESTER STUDENT EDUCATIONAL PLANNING (SEP):  After completing English and math placement, and online orientation, students may complete Counseling: First Semester Student Educational Planning (SEP) online or in -person.  The in-person group sessions are led by a counselor and can be scheduled at the Counseling Department or by calling (818) 947-2474.  During this session the students:

  • Identify their education goal(s)
  • Understand their English and math placements
  • Learn to read the Schedule of Classes
  • Create a First Semester Student Educational Plan
  • Learn how to register for classes

See the optional online version and the corresponding New Student Handbook on the left margin of this screen.