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Welcome to Child Develoment


June 9, 2015
Child Development Graduation (PDF)


Child Development Program Booklet 2014-2015 (PDF)

CD Certificates & Permit Workshop (PDF)

Child Development Permit Matrix via CDTC Website

Child Development Workforce Initiative (CD WFI) Application - formerly CAST

Affective Spring 2015 

CD 4 & 7 Updates!!

Welcome to the Los Angeles Valley College Child Development Department website! This site has been designed to help guide you in making choices regarding academic and employment opportunities. Throughout the site, you will also find a list of valuable resources to assist you as a student or member of the childhood workforce. Take a look around!

Teacher with child

Our Objective & Mission Statement

Our goal is to prepare students with the practical experience necessary to become competent members of the early childhood workforce. Through emphasizing theory and best practices, students will be provided an in-depth understanding of the whole child in relation to the physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development.