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Committee Members


Ms. Karen L. Daar*, VP of Academic Affairs
Dr. Deborah diCesare, Dean
Dr. Laurie Nalepa, Dean
Dr. Rudy Besikof, Dean  

Mr. Matthew Jordan, Dean


Faculty Members 
Dr. Michael Arshagouni
Mr. Michael Avila
Dr. Elmida Baghdaserians
Ms. Lynn Brower

Mr. Steve Castillo
Mr. Gerald Clark
Ms. Mary Cox
Ms. Lilit Davoyan
Ms. Dora Esten  

Mr.  Jim Fenwick
Mr. Ted Fickel
Ms. Jacquelyn Hams
Mr. William Hendricks          

Ms. Sara Huang

Ms. Deborah Kaye 
Ms. Tiffany Lanoix
Ms. Michelle Lewis
Dr.  Doug Marriott

Ms. Nona Matatova
Ms. Patty Melody
Mr. Josh Miller
Dr. June Miyasaki
Dr. Ron Mossler
Mr. Tyler Prante

Ms. Ellie Rabani

Ms. Jennier Read

Ms. Marni Roosevelt          

Mr. Tasos Sioukas

Ms. Laura Scott
Ms. Rebecca Stein
Ms. Eugenia Sumnik-Levins
Mr. Eric Swelstad
Ms. Terry Teplin

Mr. Joel Trudgeon

Dr. William Wallis
Mr. Scott Weigand

Resource Members

Dr. Erika Endrijonas, President
Mr. Florentino Manzano, VP of Student Services
Mr. Mike Lee, VP of Administrative Services
Mr. Josh Miller, Academic Senate President
Ms. Rebecca Frank, Curriculum Chair
Dr. Larry Nakamura, AFT Chapter President

Ms. Michelle Fowles, Dean of Research & Planning
Mr. David Green, Associate Dean of SSD
Dr. Annie G. Reed, Associate Dean of Student Services




Chairs and Directors

Chairs & Directors


Chairs and Directors Meeting

LAVC Mission Statement: Los Angeles Valley College serves as a leader in student success, with pathways for certificates, degrees, transfer, and continuing education. We enable students to advance their education, personal development, and quality of life, empowering them to be productive and engaged members of the global community.

Meetings are held every 4th Tuesday of the month at 1:30 pm in the Student Services Multi-Purpose Room.

Meetings for 2015-2016:

Jul 28; Aug 25; Sep 28; Oct 27; Nov 24; Dec 22;

Jan 26; Feb 23; Mar 22; Apr 26; May 24; Jun 28