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Faculty & Staff—LAVC Official Logo Files & More in the LAVC Graphic Standards & Style Guide!

Are you using the correct LAVC logo for your flyers and publications? Do you need the LAVC logo for your flyer or brochure? Looking for the LAVC electronic letterhead or the LAVC PowerPoint template? LAVC employees now have access to download the official LAVC logo files, LAVC document templates, and the LAVC Style Guide via the LAVC Graphic Standards & Style Guide intranet page from any on-campus faculty/staff computer.

Faculty & Staff—LAVC Official Logo Files & More in the LAVC Graphic Standards & Style Guide!

The LAVC Public Relations (PR) Office has given college faculty/staff access to download LAVC logo files for their department/program's use through the LAVC Graphic Standard and Style Guide intranet page.

The PR Office encourages all departments and services to utilize the official LAVC logo in their communications with the public. The LAVC Graphic Standard and Style Guide intranet page is only accessible by college employees from an on-campus faculty or staff computer (the link will not work from a computer that is not part of the college's faculty/staff computer network).

There are 4 official versions of the LAVC logo, and 30 official variations of the LAVC Signature Logo (e.g. logo with name of the college) that faculty and staff can use on college Web pages, email signatures, and for print publications (brochures, programs, advertisements, etc). 

In addition, the LAVC Graphic Standards and Style Guide intanet page has digital templates of college letterhead, fax cover letters, memorandums, announcements, and PowerPoint presentations for faculty and staff use in college business.

Please note: If a department wishes to share any of the LAVC logo files with a contracted vendor for use on a college project, then the employee must first download the desired file(s) and then email those files as an attachment to the vendor.

For more information, visit the LAVC Public Relations Office Web pag


Posted by: LAVC PR Office on 3/14/2018 5:00:06 PM