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CAWIB Highlights a LAVC Workforce Training & Family Resource Center Project

Congratulations to LAVC Family Resource Center's Marni Roosevelt and Amber Angel and LAVC Workforce Training's Dr. Doug Marriott for showcasing the LAVC "Strengthening Working Families" Project at a recent California Workforce Investment Board Innovation Toolkit webinar.

CAWIB Highlights a LAVC Workforce Training & Family Resource Center Project

The California Workforce Investment Board's Workforce Investment Fund recently invited  Marni Roosevelt and Amber Angel of the LAVC Family Resource Center and Dr. Doug Marriott of LAVC's Workforce Training at its Accelerator Innovation Toolkit webinar on July 27.

The webinar titled "Bringing Workforce into the 21st Century Toolkit: Strengthening Working Families Project" shared practical tools and methods for holistic workforce training gleamed from the LAVC Workforce Training and Family Resource Center's collaborative workforce training project. 

The LAVC "Strengthening Working Families" is a unique collaboration between two award-winning LAVC departments—Workforce Training and the Family Resource Center. The project moved the needle by layering wrap-around supportive family services while focusing on three Big Ideas for their workforce training participants:

  1. Provide holistic services by using a 2-generation (or, 2gen) framework, which benefits the long-term success of both the parent and their children (representing the future workforce),
  2. Provide an opportunity to learn the skills needed to build their own community of support,
  3. Provide an opportunity to receive mental health counseling to help with transitioning from unemployment.

The "Strengthening Working Families" project addressed some of the work/family balance barriers that many participants throughout the State of California are faced with every day. The project has also provided the participants an opportunity to develop a sense of empowerment and connection to the college that in turn helps them remain on track to meet their educational goals while balancing the demands of family life.

The California Workforce Investment Board's Accelerator Innovation Toolkits Webinar Series features materials and lessons in making improvements in the workforce system for California job seekers and businesses. Through Learning Circles, webinars, and trainings, participants have opportunities to hear directly from Accelerator Grantees who have developed innovative strategies and tools, that can be applied to other workforce training programs.

The "Strengthening Working Families" Project, which was funded by a 2016-2017 grant from the Workforce Accelerator Fund, implemented activities and systems changes to help low-income parents—particularly single mothers—access job training and reliable childcare, balance family obligations, and obtain living wage jobs. The project offered family support services to approximately 225 participants of 13 workforce training academies: MTA, Manufacturing, Biotech and the LA Fellows Program. For more information, visit the LAVC Grants Committee Web page.


Posted by: LAVC PR Office on 7/26/2017 5:00:08 PM