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Location: ACA 1101

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Mon 8:30am - 4:00pm
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New Students

CalWORKs Staff

Ellie Rabani, Director
Alicen Vera, Coordinator
Kristine Aslanyan, Counselor
Liliana Fanelli, Counselor
Paz Neri, Case Manager
Anna Gevorgian, CGCA
Additional Staff

things to doAll new students are required to attend "CalWORKs New Student Orientation". Bring the referral form (GN6005A or GN6006) from your GAIN Service Worker to our office in ACA 1101.

CalWORKs New Student Orientation* are usually held every:

  •   Wednesdays 1:00 pm in English
  •   Wednesdays 2:00 pm in Spanish
  •   Thursdays 1:00 pm in Armenian

 Complete the following before attending the orientation:

  • College Application. Complete online by CLICKING HERE.
  • Take the college Math and English AssessmentCLICK HERE to make an appointment.
  • Colleges' New Student Orientation by CLICKING HERE.
  • Financial Aid. Complete a BOG fee waiver form or complete FAFSA application online or get assistance in the Financial Aid office, Student Services Center, 1st. floor. 
  • Complete "CalWORKs Intake Forms" and bring it to orientation. (These forms are available in the CalWORKs office)

 Bring the following items to the orientation:checklist

  • CalWORKs Intake Forms
  • Valid form of identification
  • "Verification of Benefits letter" indicating your cash aid amount and number of people on your case dated within two weeks of your orientation date.  (Request this document from your DPSS Eligibility Worker)
  • Form GN6005A or GN6006 from your GAIN Service Worker
  • Form GN6014, Vocational Assessment results, if applicable
  • Copy of Form W-t-W2 Welfare to work plan

During orientation, we will discuss many important topics such as: What your GSW will expect from you, what you could expect from your GSW, office procedures for your documents, free money for college, financial aid, work-study, college resources, and much more!!!

In order for CalWORKs students to receive Priority Registration, they must do the following:

  1. Attend college and program orientation
  2. Take colleges' Math and English Assessment
  3. Meet with a college Counselor to develop Student Educational Plan
  4. Attend follow-up appointments

Students must also attend various workshops offered by the CalWORKs program and other approved programs on campus throughout the semester.


You have taken the first steps in accomplishing your educational and vocational goals. 

Our office is here to assist you in reaching those goals. 

Should you have any questions, please contact us!!

* Subject to change without notice.