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Skills Certificate Classes (Only for grants)


Catalog Descriptions for Biotechnology /Biomanufacturing


The Skills Certificate is comprised of 14 units with the following classes to be completed: Biotech 1, Biotech 2, Biotech 3 or Biotech 4, Biotech 5 and Biotech 6


Biotechnology 001- Biotech 1

 (Fundamentals of Biomanfacturing & Biotechnology)

 (CSU)- 3.00 Units

Prerequisite: None

This class offers an introduction to the fundamentals of biomanufacturing and biotechnology. An overview of biology used in biotechnology is covered and the history of biomanufacturing is explored along with key concepts and practices utilized currently in biomanufacturing. An overview of the processes used by companies in the development of drugs and therapies along with instrumentation utilized in the production of medical products will be provided. This class is suggested for students exploring career options in biology.


Biotechnology 002- Biotech 2

 (Biomanufacturing I)

 3.00 Units

 Prerequisite: Biotech 1

This course offers an introduction to the concepts and laboratory skills in biomanufacturing of human drugs and related products. Students will be introduced to techniques such as spectrophotometry, pH meter, ELISA, and chromatography. Students will learn the general concepts of documentation, clean room behavior, lab safety, handling of blood products and working in a team. Students will become proficient in the use of aseptic techniques.


 Biotechnology 003- Biotech 3

 (Biomanufacturing II)

 4.00 Units

 Prerequisite: Biotech 1 and Biotech 2

This class expands concepts from Biomanufacturing I focusing on proteins & bioseparation methods. Protein purification and separation techniques including column chromatography, enzyme activity bioassays, gel electrophoresis (SDS- PAGE) and HPLC will be introduced. The use of immunochemistry and the applications of using antibodies in molecular biology will be explored and concepts and principles of fermentation will be introduced. Students can apply this knowledge in the manufacturing of commercial pharmaceutical products.




 Biotechnology 004- Biotech 4

 (Biomanufacturing III)

 4.00 Units

 Prerequisite: Biotech 1 and Biotech 2

This class expands on concepts from Biomanufacturing I. It explores DNA recombinant technology in depth and includes techniques in molecular biology such as nucleic acid isolation, DNA transformation and recombinant DNA analysis. An introduction to cell and tissue culture and media preparation is also given.


Biotechnology 005- Biotech 5

 (Environmental Control & Support Processes)

 2 Units

 Prerequisite: None

This class provides and overview of biomanufacturing with an emphasis in environmental control and support processes within the biopharmaceutical industry. Skill sets introduced will focus on Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) as it relates to clean room procedures, environmental monitoring and required documentation.


 Biotechnology 006- Biotech 6

(Quality Control & Validation)

 2 Units

 Prerequisite: Biotech 1

This class introduces quality control and validation. An overview of biomanufacturing is given incorporating the importance of quality control and assurance in the manufacturing of biomedical products focusing on validation assays, system evaluations and process testing and reporting.