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Assessment Center

Assessment Center

Assessment Center
Contact & Hours

Student Services Center (SSC) Room 242 (2nd Floor)
(818) 947-2587

By appointment only
Appts. must be made 24 hours in advance. No same day appointments.

attention: WE WILL BE CLOSED ON frIDAY, July 3, 2015 in observance of Independence Day. 

Be successful! Take your assessment seriously! Check out why!

Don't be like Joe. Try out the study guides below before taking your assessment:

ACCUPLACER Sample Tests:

ACCUPLACER Math samples [PDF: 130KB]
Answer Key [PDF: 80KB]

Other Sample Test Websites:

Be prepared! Here's how:

Re-Test Policy:

In keeping with matriculation guidelines and to better conserve limited resources, Los Angeles Valley College enforces the following policies regarding retesting:

  • Students may not repeat the assessment for a 1-year period. Please make sure you enroll in the English and mathematics course you placed in. If you don't feel well or have other reasons that would prevent you from doing your best on the day of your assessment, reschedule your appointment. 
  • Once you begin taking the English, ESL and/or mathematics courses you placed in anywhere within the LACCD, re-testing will not be permitted. A challenge process exists for students already enrolled in courses who provide evidence that they meet the prerequisites of a course higher than their current placement or enrollment level. 

Steps for a Successful Assessment Experience:

  • STEP 1:  If you are planning to assess in English and math at Valley, you must apply to Valley prior to assessing (this includes students who have applied to other colleges in the LACCD) If you have not applied to Valley College please go to the online application page.
  • STEP 2: Once you recieve confirmation that your application has been processed and your student ID # has been issued by email (88#), you may assess.
    • You must call or walk-in to make an appointment.
    • Sample tests are available on this website.
    • The assessment is only offered on the computer.
    • You must bring a VALID picture ID to assess. No Exceptions.
    • If you have children, please arrange for a babysitter. Children are not permitted to sit with the parent during the assessment.
    • The assessment is NOT TIMED. It is approximately 45 minutes to one hour for each test.
    • You may stop and save your assessment at anytime and have 2 weeks to return and continue.
    • Cell phones, calculators and other study guides are not allowed during the assessment. You will be asked to put them in a locker.
  • STEP 3: Results are available immediately after you complete your assessment. 
  • STEP 4: After you get your results you may make an orientation appointment (during peak registration periods) or go online and make an appointment to speak with a counselor at

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Assessment at Valley?

Assessment at Los Angeles Valley College  is a matriculation component designed to make students successful by ensuring they have the appropriate skills to succeed in English and math courses. We offer assessments in English and Math as well as tests in Chemistry, Ability to Benefit and Math Competency.

Los Angeles Valley College uses ACCUPLACER to place students in English, ESL and math courses. 

What type of English assessments does Valley offer?


Students must take the English Assessment prior to enrolling in English classes. The exception is the student who has a satisfactory grade in English composition documented by transcripts from an accredited college.

The Assessment Center offers two types of computerized English assessments:

  • English as a Native Language (ENL)
  • English as a Second Language (ESL)

NOTE: For test samples and study guides please Click Below:


ENL assessment is taken on a computer and is untimed. Most students take approximately one hour to complete it. The assessment is in two parts--Reading Comprehension and Sentence Skills. Students may only assess once every three (3) years. However, the test may not be repeated once students enroll into the English course sequences. 

You may place in any of the following English courses:

English 101

College Reading and Composition

English 28

Intermediate Reading and Composition

English 21

English Fundamentals

English 33

Basic Vocabulary


ESL assessment is designed for students for whom English is their second language and want to learn how to speak/read/write in English. The ESL assessment is taken on a computer and is untimed. Most students take approximately one hour to complete it. The assessment is in 3 parts-- Reading Skills, Sentence Meaning and Language Usage. Students may only assess once every three (3) years. However, the test may not be repeated once students enroll into the ESL course sequences.

You may place in any of the following ESL courses:

English 363

 ESL for Academic Purposes III

English 362

ESL for Academic Purposes II

English 361

ESL for Academic Purposes I

English 83

College Conversation English as a Second Language

English 82

Introduction to College English as a Second Language

English 80

Introduction to English as a Second Language Reading Skills


What type of Math assessment does Valley offer?

The Mathematics Assessment is required of any student who wishes to enroll into any Valley College Math course. High school Math courses may not be used for placement into Math classes at Valley College.  

The Mathematics Placement Test is taken on a computer and is untimed. It takes approximately one hour to complete. Math testing may include up to three separate tests: Arithmetic, Elementary Algebra, and College-Level Math.  Calculators are NOT allowed.

The math assessment is adaptive. Students can place in one of three math levels:


Math 105/Math 112/Math 113

Elementary Algebra

Math 113/ Math 115/ Math 120/ Math 125

College Math

Math 215/ Math 225/ Math 245/ Math 240/ Math 260/ Math 259 and Math 265

NOTE: For test samples and study guides please Click Below:

What is Computerized Adaptive testing?

In computerized adaptive testing the computer selects the test questions administered to the student. The computer adapts each test to the examinee. The computer keeps track of a student’s performance on each test item and uses this information to select the next item to be administered or whether the student will move on to the next level of the test or not.

How can I view my placement results online?

Students may view their placement results online in the student information system at:

If I don't like my results can I retest?

No. Students taking the assessment may only assess once a year (1) years. This also applies to students who have assessed at any LACCD campus. Please note that no retests are permitted if a student begins the sequence of courses they originally placed in..

How can I send my placement/test results to another college or university?

The Assessment Center issues Los Angeles Valley College placement scores only. Students must complete a Placement Result Request and Release Form [Word doc: 76KB] ( print it, fill it out ,sign it, and send it), email it to, or fax it to 818-947-7282.

All requests must include:

  • The name or names under which you took the placement test;
  • Your student ID number or social security number;
  • Your Date of birth;
  • Where the testing scores should be sent and/or contact information; and
  • Student signature.

Telephone requests are not accepted. All students must provide a photo ID to pick up test scores. Test scores cannot be picked up by another person unless the student has provided written permission.

What other exams does the Assessment Center offer?

The Assessment Center also offers the following exams:

CHEMISTRY READINESS TEST: (This test is currently unavailable)

California Chemistry Readiness Diagnostic Test
The California Chemistry Readiness Diagnostic Test (Chemistry Readiness Exam) is a Chemistry 101 placement exam. The Assessment Center offers these exams by appointment only. Students must score a 23 or better to pass. Students who score below a 23 must enroll in the required pre-requisite courses. Students who pass the exam must meet the math pre-requisites prior to enrolling in Chemistry 101. The Chemistry Placement Test may not be repeated.  Please call us or stop ny our office for scheduled dates and to make an appointment.

Materials to bring: 

  • Valid Picture ID
  • Arrive 10 minutes early or reschedule
  • #2 pencil
  • Scientifc Calculator only


As of fall 2009 all NEW students may meet their Math Competency for the Associates Degree by placing in College-Level Math (Math 225 and above).   This is the same test as the one used for placement.  If this is the appropriate test for you to take, and you have taken it previously as a placement test and placed in college level math courses you may use those results for completion of the Math Competency requirement.  The Math Competency Test may only be taken once. 

LACCD Math Competency Exam
The Los Angeles Community College District Math Competency Exam is for CONTINUING students who have been attending Valley College since prior to summer 2009. This exam is designed to meet the Math 115 graduation requirement for the Associates Degree. The Assessment Center offers this exam by appointment only. The Math Competency Exam may not be used to fulfill math prerequisites. Students who wish to enroll in higher-level math courses must take the math assessment. Students must score a 15 or better to pass. Students, who score below a 15, must enroll in Math 115. You may only test once. No retests are permitted.

Materials to bring:

  • #2 pencil
  • Valid Picture ID

What is the Ability to Benefit Exam?

Ability to Benefit and CELSA: 

ATTENTION: Beginning July 1, 2012 the Ability to Benefit and CELSA will no longer be available to students to establish Financial Aid eligibility. Please go to the Financial Aid website for more information.