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Math Assessment


The Mathematics assessment  is required of any student who wishes to enroll into any Valley College Math course. High school Math courses may not be used for placement into Math classes at Valley College.  

The Mathematics assessment is taken on a computer and is untimed. It takes approximately one hour to complete. Math testing may include up to three separate tests: Arithmetic, Elementary Algebra, and College-Level Math.  Calculators are NOT permitted.

The Math assessment is adaptive. In computerized adaptive testing, the computer selects the test questions administered to the student. The computer adapts each test to the examinee. The computer keeps track of a student’s performance on each test item and uses this information to select the next item to be administered or whether the student will move on to the next level of the test or not. 


Students can place in one of three math levels:


Math 110/Math 112

Elementary Algebra

Math 115/ Math 120/ Math 125

College Math

Math 215/ Math 225/ Math 245/ Math 240/ Math 260/ Math 259 and Math 265


NOTE: For test samples and study guides please Click Below: