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Frequently Asked Questions:


What type of English assessments does Valley offer?

What is the purpose of the English Assessment:

The purpose of the English assessment is to assess students’  reading and writing skills.  Results will inform them if they are ready to undertake college-level work or if they need to further develop their skills. Based on their results, students will be placed into a level of English appropriate to their skill level. 

Students must take the English Assessment prior to enrolling in English classes. The exception is the student who has a satisfactory grade in English composition documented by transcripts from an accredited college.

The Assessment Center offers two types of computerized English assessments:

  • English as a Native Language (ENL)
  • English as a Second Language (ESL)


For more information and to review the practice tests available, please see the English Assessment webpage.​


What type of Math assessment does Valley offer?

The Mathematics assessment  is required of any student who wishes to enroll into any Valley College Math course. High school Math courses may not be used for placement into Math classes at Valley College.  

The Mathematics assessment is taken on a computer and is untimed. It takes approximately one hour to complete. Math testing may include up to three separate tests: Arithmetic, Elementary Algebra, and College-Level Math.  Calculators are NOT permitted.

For more information and to review the practice tests available, please see the Math assessment webpage.​

What is Computer Adaptive testing?

In computerized adaptive testing the computer selects the test questions administered to the student. The computer adapts each test to the examinee. The computer keeps track of a student’s performance on each test item and uses this information to select the next item to be administered or whether the student will move on to the next level of the test or not.

How can I view my placement results online?

Students may view their placement results online in the student information system at:

If I don't like my results can I retest?

No. Students taking the assessment may only assess once (1) a year. This also applies to students who have assessed at any Los Angeles Community College District campus. Please note that no retests are permitted if a student begins the sequence of courses they originally placed in and received a grade. 

challenge process exists for students already enrolled in courses who provide evidence that they meet the prerequisites of a course higher than their current placement or enrollment level. 

How can I send my placement/test results to another college or university?

The Assessment Center issues Los Angeles Valley College placement scores only. Students must complete a Placement Result Request and Release Form ( print it, fill it out ,sign it, and send it), email it to, or fax it to 818-947-7282.

All requests must include:

  • The name or names under which you took the placement test;
  • Your student ID number or social security number;
  • Your Date of birth;
  • Where the testing scores should be sent and/or contact information; and
  • Student signature.

Telephone requests are not accepted. All students must provide a photo ID to pick up test scores. Test scores cannot be picked up by another person unless the student has provided written permission.