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Faculty Help Guides for the New SIS

New SIS Help for Faculty

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How to Guides on Using the SIS Portal for Faculty 

The following is an step by step introduction for faculty on how to use the LACCD SIS Portal / PeopleSoft:

STEP 1 of 5 - Logging into the SIS Portal & Faculty Portal

Employee Login Name and Default Password Format

  1. Go to the New SIS Portal
  2. Employee username is your SAP user ID or your email address. Example employee ID’s: smithj or
  3. Employee default passwords will consist of:
    • 8@ + the month of your birthdate (MM) + the first character of your last name (capitalized) + the last 4 digits of your SSN
    • For example, Joe Smith, who was born on August 9th, and has SSN xxx-xx-1234, his default password would be: 8@08S1234
  4. Once you have successfully logged in, you will be required to update your password.

How to Update your Password

You will be asked to update your password when you log in for the first time.

  1. Enter your old password (Example: 8@08S1234), and new password in their respective textboxes.
    • New password cannot be a part of your name, email, user ID or 3 prior passwords, and it must contains at least 7 characters and three of the following:
      • Uppercase letters [A-Z]
      • Lowercase letters [a-z]
      • Number [0-9]
      • Special character [@,!, $, #, %]
  2. After successfully updating your password, you will be redirected to the Self Service Password Reset (SSPR) registration page.
    • ​You will be asked to create 5 security questions.
    • IMPORTANT! Please make sure you register so you can reset your password online.

How to Login to the Faculty Portal

  1. Go to the New SIS Portal
  2. Enter your username and the new password you created.
  3. For more information on Faculty Portal, from an on-campus computer you may access:

Download the Updating Your Login Credentials and Logging Into the Faculty Portal (PDF).

Step 2 of 5 - Attendence Roster

How to Print Your Attendance Roster

How to View your Classes and Rosters

  1. Login to the New SIS Portal
  2. Click on My Schedule
    Click to view full size screenshot. Opens in new window.
  3. Click on the Change Term button
    Click to view full size screenshot. Opens in new window.
  4. Click radio button next to desired term
  5. Click Continue
    Click to view full size screenshot. Opens in new window.
  6. To view roster, click the Class Roster button next to the course listing
    Click to view full size screenshot. Opens in new window.

Step 3 of 5 - Permission Numbers

How to Issue and Record Permission Numbers (Electronic Add Permits) 

Step 4 of 5 - Mandatory Exclusions & TBA Schedules

How to Create a Mandatory Exclusion Roster (MER)

The MER is due eight days after census. It must be submitted even if you have no students to exclude.

How to Schedule a TBA

Step 5 of 5 - Submitting Grades, Incompletes & Positive Attendance

How to Enter and Post Grades and Incompletes

Download the help guide on Submitting Grades and Incompletes (PDF).

How to Record Positive Attendance

The District is required to maintain accurate records of student enrollment and attendance. Attendance records are reported to the State for funding purposes.

Download the help guide on Recording Positive Attendance (PDF).

Other SIS (Peoplesoft) Training Guides

Need additional help on using PeopleSoft? Please visit the LACCD SIS Modernization Intranet Page (only accessible from an on-campus faculty computer) for the "Faculty Portal Training Guide".