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LAVC Calendar of Events

Video Captioning Workshop for Faculty/Staff

Date: 12/6/2018, 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Location: Library & Academic Resource Ctr (LARC) Faculty/Staff Resource Center 200

Video Captioning Workshop for Faculty/Staff

The LAVC Professional Development Office will be holding a "Video Captioning Workshop" for faculty and staff on Thursday, December 6 from 1-2 p.m. at the Professional Development Center (PDC) in Library & Academic Resource Center (LARC) 200.

Becky Frank and Jose Torres will share how to caption videos using technology that we have in the college's Professional Development Center.

The workshop will discuss and demonstrate how to caption a videos using using Movie Captioner to make the text and Handbrake to embed the captions into the videos, so that Canvas and other platforms can use it. Both programs are installed on some of the PDC computers.

Learn more about each program by visiting the Movie Captioner Web page and the Handbrake Web page.

For more information about this workshop, contact Jeanne Owens or Sally Raskoff in the LAVC Professional Development Office at (818) 947-2712 or by email or visit the LAVC Professional Development webpage.

This event is wheelchair accessible. If you require a sign language interpreter, assistive listening device, large print, braille materials, or any other accommodations, please contact Jeanne Owens in the LAVC Professional Development Office by email or at (818) 947-2712 at least 5 days prior to the event.

Ticket Cost: Free

Parking permits are required at all times. Daily Parking permits for student parking spots can be purchased at an LAVC parking pay station. View campus map

For more information please contact: LAVC Professional Development Office

Phone: (818) 947-2712


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