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"Internal Spaces" - Darren Dvoracek, tuba.

Date: 10/9/2019 1:30 PM

Location: Music (M) Recital Hall 106

"Internal Spaces" - Darren Dvoracek, tuba.

Darren Dvoracek will present a concert for solo tuba, entitled "Internal Spaces."


Works to be performed:

Encounters II by William Kraft

prologo by Marina Romani

Mantram by Giacinto Scelsi

Internal Spaces by Darren Dvoracek - Internal Spaces is a piece that explores the truth that soundwaves have length and therefore take up space.  Internal Spaces in this case refers both to the tubing of the instrument as a resonating chamber as well as the performance space itself.  The audience is encouraged to roam around the room during the performance, as the fact that each overtone has its own special frequency means that there will be “pockets” in the performance space where particular overtones will stand out.  In layman's terms, as you move around the space the sound that you hear will change.


Darren Dvoracek, tuba, is a freelance musician in Los Angeles and Artistic Director, and founding member, of Oakwood Brass - Outreach Project.  Darren currently serves as part of the OBOP management and development team, honing the mission statement, brand, and program content for their In-School and Community Concert programs while arranging music for the group and creating programs for OBOP. His current duties also include the financial management of OBOP which attained its own 501(c)(3) status in October 2015.  Darren is a proud graduate of Northwestern University where he received his bachelors degree in music performance and was also the recipient of the prestigious Helen Heim Nichols Scholarship Fund Award.  More recently Darren completed his masters at the California Institute of the Arts, where he delved extensively into the more esoteric aspects of tuba performance, including extended technique and alternate fingering systems.  Darren’s teachers include Dr. Douglas Tornquist and Professor Rex Martin. Darren teaches students of all ages and abilities. His emphasis on sound production and listening skills work well for all students studying  techniques of playing brass instruments.

Ticket Cost: FREE

Parking: Guest should park in Parking Structure – 4th Floor. Parking permit is not required in designated parking location during time of event. View campus map

For more information please contact: Dr. Christian Nova

Phone: 818-947-2347