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New Additions to the Collection
January 2012




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Theosophy / Antonio Rosmini ; translated by Denis Cleary and Terence Watson.
B3643 .T42 E6 2007 v. 3,

A concise introduction to logic / Patrick J. Hurley.
BC108 .H83 2003

Perfection : coming to terms with being human / Michael J. Hyde.
BD233 .H93 2010

The most human human : what talking with computers teaches us about what
it means to be alive / Brian Christian.
BD450 .C5356 2011

E-Z psychology / Nancy Melucci.
BF121 .M44 2010

Revolution in mind : the creation of psychoanalysis / George Makari.
BF173 .M35652 2008

Moonwalking with Einstein : the art and science of remembering everything/
Joshua Foer.
BF385 .F64 2011

Where good ideas come from : the natural history of innovation /
Steven Johnson.
BF408 .J56 2010

Sudden genius? : the gradual path to creative breakthroughs /
Andrew Robinson.
BF408 .R5154 2010

On second thought : outsmarting your mind's hard-wired habits /
Wray Herbert.
BF441 .H46 2010

Streetlights and shadows : searching for the keys to adaptive decision making /
Gary Klein.
BF448 .K54 2009

Reading in the brain : the science and evolution of a human invention /
Stanislas Dehaene.
BF456 .R2 D36 2009

The time paradox : the new psychology of time that will change your life /
Philip Zimbardo and John Boyd.
BF468 .Z56 2008

Happy at last : the thinking person's guide to finding joy /
Richard O'Connor.
BF575 .H27 O26 2008

Bounce : Mozart, Federer, Picasso, Beckham, and the science of success /
Mathew Syed.
BF637 .S8 S867 2010

Evil genes : why Rome fell, Hitler rose, Enron failed and my sister stole
my mother's boyfriend / Barbara Oakley.
BF789 .E94 O35 2007

The masque of Africa : glimpses of African belief / V.S. Naipaul.
BL2400 .N34 2010

The tenth parallel : dispatches from the fault line between Christianity
and Islam / Eliza Griswold.
BP172 .G758 2010

Christianity : the first three thousand years / Diarmaid MacCulloch.
BR145.3 .M33 2010

The woman who named God : Abraham's dilemma and the birth of three faiths/
Charlotte Gordon.
BS1235.52 .G67 2009

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The great empires of the ancient world / edited by Thomas Harrison.
CB311 .G74 2009

Knights : in history and legend / chief consultant,
Constance Brittain Bouchard.
CR4509 .K55 2009

Hitch-22 : a memoir / Christopher Hitchens.
CT275 .H62575 A3 2010

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The war chronicles, from chariots to flintlocks : new perspectives on the
two thousand years of bloodshed that shaped the modern world /
Joseph Cummins.
D25 .C97 2008

Patton, Montgomery, Rommel : masters of war / Terry Brighton.
D736 .B73 2009

To the gates of Stalingrad : Soviet-German combat operations, April-August
1942 / David M. Glantz ; with Jonathan M. House.
D764.3 .S7 G59 2009

Hell to pay : Operation Downfall and the invasion of Japan, 1945-47 /
D.M. Giangreco.
D767.2 .G53 2009

Lost in Shangri-la : a true story of survival, adventure, and the most
incredible rescue mission of World War II / Mitchell Zuckoff.
D767.95 .Z84 2011

A covert affair : Julia Child and Paul Child in the OSS / Jennet Conant.
D810 .S8 C3863 2011

The lady in the tower : the fall of Anne Boleyn / Alison Weir.
DA333 .B6 W45 2010

A journey : my political life / Tony Blair.
DA591 .B56 A3 2010

Trotsky : a biography / Robert Service.
DK254 .T6 S427 2009

War of necessity, war of choice: a memoir of two Iraq wars /
Richard N. Haass.
DS79.757 .H33 2009

Aftermath : following the bloodshed of America's wars in the Muslim world /
Nir Rosen.
DS79.767 .S63 R67 2010

The Balfour Declaration : the origins of the Arab-Israeli conflict /
Jonathan Schneer.
DS125.5 .S366 2010

The Shah / Abbas Milani.
DS318 .M494 2011

China : a history / John Keay.
DS735 .K39 2009

Cleopatra the Great : the woman behind the legend / Joann Fletcher.
DT92.7 .F56 2008

Blood river : a journey to Africa's broken heart / Tim Butcher.
DT647.5 .B88 2008

Claim to the country : the archive of Lucy Lloyd and Wilhelm Bleek /
[created, compiled, and introduced by] Pippa Skotnes.
DT1058 .S36 S55 2007

Aphrodite's island : the European discovery of Tahiti / Anne Salmond.
DU870 .S335 2010

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Empire of the summer moon : Quanah Parker and the rise and fall of the
Comanches, the most powerful Indian tribe in American history /
S.C. Gwynne.
E99 .C85 P3835 2010

The bitter waters of Medicine Creek : a tragic clash between white and
native America / Richard Kluger.
E99 .N74 K55 2011

The killing of Crazy Horse / Thomas Powers.
E99 .O3 C7255 2010

Don't know much about history : everything you need to know about history
but never learned / Kenneth C. Davis.
E178.25 .D37 2011

How wars end : why we always fight the last battle : a history of American
intervention from World War I to Afghanistan / Gideon Rose.
E181 .R677 2010

Nathan Hale : the life and death of America's first spy /
M. William Phelps.
E280 .H2 P38 2008

Washington : a life / Ron Chernow.
E312 .C495 2010

A being so gentle : the frontier love story of Rachel and Andrew Jackson /
Patricia Brady.
E382 .B825 2011

Our Lincoln : new perspectives on Lincoln and his world / edited by Eric Foner.
E457 .O97 2008

1861 : the Civil War awakening / Adam Goodheart.
E459 .G66 2011

The great task remaining : the third year of Lincoln's war / William Marvel.
E470 .M378 2008

Southern storm : Sherman's march to the sea / Noah Andre Trudeau.
E476.69 .T78 2008

Woodrow Wilson : a biography / John Milton Cooper, Jr.
E767 .C695 2009

Dancing in the dark : a cultural history of the Great Depression /
Morris Dickstein.
E806 .D57 2009

Traitor to his class : the privileged life and radical presidency of
Franklin Delano Roosevelt / H.W. Brands.
E807 .B735 2008

The Clinton tapes : wrestling history with the president / Taylor Branch.
E886 .B73 2009

The promise : President Obama, year one / Jonathan Alter.
E907 .A45 2010

The bridge : the life and rise of Barack Obama / David Remnick.
E908 .R46 2010

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A reforming people : Puritanism and the transformation of public life in
New England / David D. Hall.
F7 .H227 2011

Making haste from Babylon : the Mayflower Pilgrims and their world : a new
history / Nick Bunker.
F68 .B936 2010

Even silence has an end : my six years of captivity in the Colombian
jungle / Ingrid Betancourt.
F2279.22 .B48 A3 2010

Monuments of the Incas / text by John Hemming ; photographs by
Edward Ranney.
F3429 .H38 2010


The wave : in pursuit of the rogues, freaks, and giants of the ocean /
Susan Casey.
GC227 .C37 2010

Biological anthropology / Michael Alan Park.
GN60 .P35 2008

Cultural anthropology / Conrad Phillip Kottak.
GN316 .K64 2006

The last hero : a life of Henry Aaron / Howard Bryant.
GV865 .A25 B79 2010

The last boy : Mickey Mantle and the end of America's childhood /
Jane Leavy.
GV865 .M33 L43 2010

Cuban star : how one Negro-league owner changed the face of baseball / Adrian Burgos, Jr.
GV865 .P66 B87 2011

Jerry West : the life and legend of a basketball icon / Roland Lazenby.
GV884 .W4 L39 2009

I was a dancer / Jacques d'Amboise.
GV1785 .D23 A3 2011

Apollo's angels : a history of ballet / Jennifer Homans.
GV1787 .H58 2010

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Economics today / Roger LeRoy Miller.
HB171.5 .M642 2008

Economics today / Roger LeRoy Miller.
HB171.5 .M642 2010b

All the devils are here : the hidden history of the financial crisis /
Bethany McLean and Joe Nocera.
HB3717 2008 .M35 2010

On the brink : inside the race to stop the collapse of the global
financial system / Henry M. Paulson, Jr.
HB3717 2008 .P38 2010

Seeds of destruction : why the path to economic ruin runs through
Washington, and how to reclaim American prosperity / Glenn Hubbard and
Peter Navarro.
HC106.84 .H83 2011

Anatomy of a business plan : the step-by-step guide to building your
business and securing your company's future / Linda Pinson.
HD30.28 .P5 2008

Wired to care : how companies prosper when they create widespread empathy /
Dev Patnaik with Peter Mortensen.
HD58.9 .P38 2009

Cornered : the new monopoly capitalism and the economics of destruction /
Barry Lynn.
HD2757.2 .L96 2010

The myth of the oil crisis : overcoming the challenges of depletion,
geopolitics, and global warming / Robin M. Mills.
HD9560.5 .M553 2008

The art of immersion : how the digital generation is remaking Hollywood,
Madison Avenue, and the way we tell stories / Frank Rose.
HD9696.8 .A2 R67 2011

In the plex : how Google thinks, works, and shapes our lives /
Steven Levy.
HD9696.8 .U64 G6657 2011

The master switch : the rise and fall of information empires / Tim Wu.
HE7631 .W8 2010

Aerotropolis : the way we'll live next / John D. Kasarda, Greg Lindsay.
HE9797 .K36 2011

Accounting principles / Jerry J. Weygandt, Paul D. Kimmel, Donald E. Kieso.
HF5636 .W494 2009 v. 1

Working papers to accompany Accounting principles, 9th edition, [by] Jerry
J. Weygandt, Donald E. Kieso, Paul D. Kimmel / prepared by Dick D. Wasson.
HF5636 .W4941 2009 v.1

Business communication : process & product / Mary Ellen Guffey.
HF5718.3 .G838 2008

The shadow market : how a group of wealthy nations and powerful investors
secretly dominate the world / Eric J. Weiner.
HG4538 .W354 2010

Economic lives : how culture shapes the economy / Viviana A. Zelizer.
HM548 .Z42 2011

Communicating in small groups : principles and practices / Steven A.
Beebe, John T. Masterson.
HM736 .B43 2006

Communicating in small groups : principles and practices / Steven A.
Beebe, John T. Masterson.
HM736 .B43 2006

The spirit level : why greater equality makes societies stronger /
Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett.
HM821 .W535 2010

Join the club : how peer pressure can transform the world / Tina Rosenberg.
HM831 .R67 2011

The net delusion : the dark side of internet freedom / Evgeny Morozov.
HM851 .M665 2011

Why women have sex : understanding sexual motivations from adventure to
revenge (and everything in between) / Cindy M. Meston and David M. Buss.
HQ29 .M472 2009

The marriage-go-round : the state of marriage and the family in America today /
Andrew J. Cherlin.
HQ535 .C416 2009

The Lolita effect : the media sexualization of young girls and what we can
do about it / M. Gigi Durham.
HQ799.2 .M35 D98 2008

When everything changed : the amazing journey of American women from 1960
to the present / Gail Collins.
HQ1421 .C64 2009

Unspeakable : the story of Junius Wilson / Susan Burch and Hannah Joyner.
HV2534 .W54 B87 2007

Favela : four decades of living on the edge in Rio de Janeiro /
Janice Perlman.
HV4075 .R53 P47 2010

The lost dogs : Michael Vick's dogs and their tale of rescue and redemption /
Jim Gorant.
HV4746 .G67 2010

Young Al Capone : the untold story of Scarface in New York, 1899-1925 /
William Balsamo and John Balsamo.
HV6248 .C17 B35 2011

The anatomy murders : being the true and spectacular history of
Edinburgh's notorious Burke and Hare, and of the man of science who
abetted them in the commission of their most heinous crimes / Lisa Rosner.
HV6535 .G6 R568 2010

The poisoner's handbook : murder and the birth of forensic medicine in
Jazz Age New York / Deborah Blum.
HV6555 .U62 N373 2010

Seven shots : an NYPD raid on a terrorist cell and its aftermath /
Jennifer C. Hunt.
HV8148 .N5 H858 2010

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Biobazaar : the open source revolution and biotechnology / Janet Hope.
K1519 .B54 H67 2008

Three generations, no imbeciles : eugenics, the Supreme Court, and Buck v. Bell /
Paul A. Lombardo.
KF224 .B83 L66 2008

The Sacco-Vanzetti Affair : America on trial / Moshik Temkin.
KF224 .S2 T46 2009

Learned Hand : the man and the judge / Gerald Gunther ;
[foreword by Ruth Bader Ginsburg].
KF373 .H29 G76 2011

The offensive Internet : speech, privacy, and reputation / edited by Saul
Levmore and Martha C. Nussbaum.
KF390.5 .C6 O344 2010

Ducktown smoke : the fight over one of the South's greatest environmental
disasters / Duncan Maysilles.
KF1298 .M39 2011

Ratification : the people debate the Constitution, 1787-1788 /
Pauline Maier.
KF4541 .M278 2010

Supreme power : Franklin Roosevelt vs. the Supreme Court / Jeff Shesol.
KF8742 .S495 2010

Scorpions : the battles and triumphs of FDR's great Supreme Court justices /
Noah Feldman.
KF8744 .F45 2010

Justice Brennan : liberal champion / Seth Stern and Stephen Wermiel.
KF8745 .B68 S74 2010

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The great American university : its rise to preeminence, its indispensable
national role, and why it must be protected / Jonathan R. Cole.
LA227.4 .C64 2009

Teaching and learning in preschool : using individually appropriate
practices in early childhood literacy instruction /
Elizabeth Claire Venn, Monica Dacy Jahn.
LB1140.5 .L3 V46 2004

Ceremonial violence : a psychological explanation of school shootings /
Jonathan Fast.
LB3013.32 .F37 2008

Stones into schools : promoting peace with books, not bombs, in
Afghanistan and Pakistan / Greg Mortenson.
LC2330 .M66 2009

Three cups of tea : one man's mission to promote peace...one school at a
time / Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin.
LC2330 .M67 2006

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Finishing the hat : collected lyrics (1954-1981) with attendant comments,
principles, heresies, grudges, whines and anecdotes / Stephen Sondheim.
ML54.6 .S69 S66 2010

Begin again : a biography of John Cage / Kenneth Silverman.
ML410 .C24 S64 2010

Sibelius / Andrew Barnett.
ML410 .S54 B37 2007

Richard Strauss : a musical life / Raymond Holden.
ML410 .S93 H65 2011

Gilbert and Sullivan : gender, genre, parody / Carolyn Williams.
ML410 .S95 W45 2011

Heat wave : the life and career of Ethel Waters / Donald Bogle.
ML420 .W24 B64 2011

Miss O'Dell : my hard days and long nights with the Beatles, the Stones,
Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, and the women they loved / Chris O'Dell with
Katherine Ketcham.
ML429 .O24 A3 2009

Listen to this / Alex Ross.
ML3785 .R67 2010

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Bauhaus 1919-1933 : workshops for modernity / [organized by] Barry
Bergdoll, Leah Dickerman.
N332 .G33 B42455 2009

The Bauhaus group : six masters of modernism / by Nicholas Fox Weber.
N332 .G33 W483 2009

Islamic arts from Spain / Mariam Rosser-Owen.
N6270 .R67 2010

Mark Bradford / Christopher Bedford.
N6537 .B6813 A4 2010b

Picasso looks at Degas / Elizabeth Cowling and Richard Kendall ; with
additional contributions by C‚ecile Godefroy, Sarah Lees, and Montse Torras.
N6853 .P5 A4 2010

Munch's Ibsen : a painter's visions of a playwright / Joan Templeton.
N7073 .M8 T46 2008

El Greco to Velazquez : art during the reign of Philip III / Sarah Schroth
and Ronni Baer ; with essays by Ronni Baer ... [et al.] ;
[edited by Matthew Battles].
N7106 .S37 2008

Artforms : an introduction to the visual arts / Duane Preble, Sarah Preble;
revised by Patrick Frank.
N7430 .P69 2004

Digital art revolution : creating fine art with Photoshop / Scott Ligon.
N7433.8 .L54 2010

Modern women : women artists at the Museum of Modern Art / edited by
Cornelia H. Butler and Alexandra Schwartz ; with essays by Esther Adler ... [et al.].
N8354 .M63 2010

Detail in process / Christine Killory and Ren‚e Davids, editors.
NA712.7 .K55 2008

Hitoshi Abe / Naomi Pollock.
NA1559 .A24 A4 2008b

The primacy of drawing : histories and theories of practice /
Deanna Petherbridge.
NC53 .P48 2010

Graphic design : a new history / Stephen J. Eskilson.
NC998 .E85 2007

Recycling & redesigning logos : a designer's guide to refreshing &;
rethinking design / Michael Hodgson with Matthew Porter.
NC1002 .L63 H63 2010

Seymour : the obsessive images of Seymour Chwast / introduction by Steven
Heller ; essay by Paula Scher.
NC1429 .C57 A4 2009

Abstract expressionism and the American experience : a reevaluation /
by Irving Sandler.
ND212.5 .A25 S18 2009

Modigliani : a life / Meryle Secrest.
ND623 .M67 S43 2011

Gilbert Rohde : modern design for modern living / Phyllis Ross.
NK2439 .R63 R67 2009

Allan Kaprow--art as life / edited by Eva Meyer-Hermann, Andrew Perchuk,
and Stephanie Rosenthal.
NX512 .K37 A45 2008


Converging media : a new introduction to mass communication /
John V. Pavlik, Shawn McIntosh.
P90 .P355 2011

You are what you speak : grammar grouches, language laws, and the politics
of identity / Robert Lane Greene.
P140 .G74 2011

Writing logically, thinking critically / Sheila Cooper, Rosemary Patton.
PE1408 .C5485 2004

Stone the crows : Oxford dictionary of modern slang / John Ayto, John Simpson.
PE3721 .O94 2008

Dostoevsky : a writer in his time / Joseph Frank ; edited by Mary Petrusewicz.
PG3328 .F75 2010

The history of Italian cinema : a guide to Italian film from its origins
to the twenty-first century / Gian Piero Brunetta ; translated by
Jeremy Parzen.
PN1993.5 .I88 B69313 2009

Hollywood under siege : Martin Scorsese, the religious right, and the
culture wars / Thomas R. Lindlof.
PN1997 .L3443 L56 2008

Polanski / Christopher Sandford.
PN1998.3 .P65 S26 2008

Conversations with Scorsese / Richard Schickel [interviewer].
PN1998.3 .S39 A3 2011

Irving Thalberg : boy wonder to producer prince / Mark A. Vieira.
PN1998.3 .T467 V547 2010

Living theatre : a history / Edwin Wilson, Alvin Goldfarb.
PN2101 .W54 2004

Tough without a gun : the life and extraordinary afterlife of Humphrey Bogart /
Stefan Kanfer.
PN2287 .B48 K36 2011

American rebel : the life of Clint Eastwood / Marc Eliot.
PN2287 .E37 E45 2009b

Sinatra : Hollywood his way / Timothy Knight.
PN2287 .S39 K58 2010

The novel : an alternative history : beginnings to 1600 / Steven Moore.
PN3451 .M66 2010

Audition : a memoir / Barbara Walters.
PN4874 .W285 A3 2008

How to live--or--a life of Montaigne : in one question and twenty attempts
at an answer / Sarah Bakewell.
PQ1643 .B34 2010b

The Oxford book of Latin American poetry : a bilingual anthology / edited
by Cecilia Vicušna and Ernesto Livon-Grosman.
PQ7087 .E5 O897 2009

Young romantics : the tangled lives of English poetry's greatest
generation / Daisy Hay.
PR590 .H297 2010

The Longman anthology of British literature / David Damrosch and
Kevin J.H. Dettmar, general editors.
PR1109 .L69 2010 v. 1A

The Longman anthology of British literature / David Damrosch and
Kevin J.H. Dettmar, general editors.
PR1109 .L69 2010 v. 1B

The Longman anthology of British literature / David Damrosch and
Kevin J.H. Dettmar, general editors.
PR1109 .L69 2010 v. 1C

The Longman anthology of British literature / David Damrosch and
Kevin J.H. Dettmar, general editors.
PR1109 .L69 2010 v. 2C

The art of the sonnet / Stephen Burt, David Mikics.
PR1195 .S5 B87 2010

Andrew Marvell : the chameleon / Nigel Smith.
PR3546 .S65 2010

The same man : George Orwell and Evelyn Waugh in love and war /
David Lebedoff.
PR6029 .R8 Z7198 2008

Autobiography of Mark Twain / Harriet Elinor Smith, editor ; associate
editors: Benjamin Griffin, Victor Fischer, Michael B. Frank,
Sharon K. Goetz, Leslie Myrick.
PS1331 .A2 2010c v.1

Fitzgerald & Hemingway : works and days / Scott Donaldson.
PS3511 .I9 Z589 2009

J. D. Salinger : a life / Kenneth Slawenski.
PS3537 .A426 Z883 2010

The talented Miss Highsmith : the secret life and serious art of
Patricia Highsmith / Joan Schenkar.
PS3558 .I366 Z87 2009

Halo / Alexandra Adornetto.
PZ7 .A26182 Hal 2010

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An optimist's tour of the future : one curious man sets out to answer
"what's next?" / Mark Stevenson.
Q180 .A1 S74 2011

Loving + hating mathematics : challenging the myths of mathematical life /
Reuben Hersh and Vera John-Steiner.
QA28 .H48 2011

Proofiness : the dark arts of mathematical deception / Charles Seife.
QA99 .S45 2010

Basic mathematics / Man M. Sharma, Asha Mittal.
QA107 .S53 2007

Elementary algebra / Jerome E. Kaufmann, Karen L. Schwitters.
QA152.3 .K38 2011

Elementary algebra / Jerome E. Kaufmann, Karen L. Schwitters.
QA152.3 .K38 2011

Elementary algebra / Jerome E. Kaufmann, Karen L. Schwitters.
QA152.3 .K38 2011 Suppl.

Beginning algebra / Elayn Martin-Gay.
QA152.3 .M353 2009a

Intermediate algebra / Elayn Martin-Gay.
QA152.3 .M36 2009

Intermediate algebra / Elayn Martin-Gay.
QA152.3 .M36 2009

Intermediate algebra / Elayn Martin-Gay.
QA152.3 .M36 2009a

Elementary algebra / Alan S. Tussy, R. David Gustafson.
QA152.3 .T85 2008

Elementary algebra / Alan S. Tussy, R. David Gustafson.
QA152.3 .T85 2008

College algebra.
QA154.3 .C596 2003

College algebra.
QA154.3 .C596 2003

College algebra.
QA154.3 .C596 2003 Suppl.2

College algebra / R. David Gustafson, Peter D. Frisk, Jeffrey D. Hughes.
QA154.3 .G863 2010

College algebra / R. David Gustafson, Peter D. Frisk, Jeffrey D. Hughes.
QA154.3 .G863 2010

College algebra / R. David Gustafson, Peter D. Frisk, Jeffrey D. Hughes.
QA154.3 .G863 2010 Suppl.1

College algebra / R. David Gustafson, Peter D. Frisk, Jeffrey D. Hughes.
QA154.3 .G863 2010 Suppl.2

Elementary linear algebra with applications / Bernard Kolman, David R. Hill.
QA184.2 .K65 2008

Applied calculus for the managerial, life, and social sciences a brief approach /
Soo T. Tan.
QA303.2 .T142 2012

Applied calculus for the managerial, life, and social sciences a brief approach /
Soo T. Tan.
QA303.2 .T142 2012

Precalculus with unit-circle trigonometry.
QA331.3 .C64 2006

Precalculus with unit-circle trigonometry.
QA331.3 .C64 2006 Suppl.2

Precalculus : functions and graphs / Earl W. Swokowski, Jeffery Cole.
QA331.3 .S95 2012

Precalculus : functions and graphs / Earl W. Swokowski, Jeffery Cole.
QA331.3 .S95 2012

Elementary geometry for college students / Daniel C. Alexander,
Geralyn M. Koeberlein.
QA453 .A44 2011

Elementary geometry for college students / Daniel C. Alexander, Geralyn M. Koeberlein.
QA453 .A44 2011

Elementary geometry for college students / Daniel C. Alexander,
Geralyn M. Koeberlein.
QA453 .A44 2011 Suppl.

QA531 .L5 2009

Galileo / J. L. Heilbron.
QB36 .G2 H445 2010

How old is the universe? / David A. Weintraub.
QB501 .W45 2011

Chasing the sun : the epic story of the star that gives us life /
Richard Cohen.
QB521 .C625 2010

Death from the skies! : these are the ways the world will end-- /
Philip Plait.
QB638.8 .P53 2008

Strange new worlds : the search for alien planets and life beyond our
solar system / Ray Jayawardhana.
QB820 .J39 2011

Before the Big Bang : the prehistory of our universe / Brian Clegg.
QB981 .C627 2009

The strangest man : the hidden life of Paul Dirac, mystic of the atom /
Graham Farmelo.
QC16 .D57 F37 2009b

Conceptual physics / written and illustrated by Paul G. Hewitt.
QC23.2 .H488 2006

Conceptual physics / written and illustrated by Paul G. Hewitt.
QC23.2 .H488 2006

Conceptual physics / written and illustrated by Paul G. Hewitt.
QC23.2 .H488 2006 Suppl.

The black hole war : my battle with Stephen Hawking to make the world safe
for quantum mechanics / Leonard Susskind.
QC174.12 .S896 2008

Hot : living through the next fifty years on earth / Mark Hertsgaard.
QC981.8 .G56 H47 2011

General, organic, and biochemistry for nursing and allied health /
George Odian, Ira Blei.
QD41 .O26 2009

The species seekers : heroes, fools, and the mad pursuit of life on Earth /
Richard Conniff.
QH26 .C66 2011

Rewilding the world : dispatches from the conservation revolution /
Caroline Fraser.
QH75 .F738 2009

The price of altruism : George Price and the search for the origins of kindness /
Oren Harman.
QH429.2 .P75 H37 2010

Here is a human being : at the dawn of personal genomics / Misha Angrist.
QH447 .A54 2010

Eating the sun : how plants power the planet / Oliver Morton.
QK882 .M88 2008

The superorganism : the beauty, elegance, and strangeness of insect
societies / Bert HŤolldobler and Edward O. Wilson ; line drawings by
Margaret C. Nelson.
QL496 .H65 2009

The whale : in search of the giants of the sea / Philip Hoare.
QL737 .C4 H623 2010

Among giants : a life with whales / Charles "Flip" Nicklin with
K.M. Kostyal ; foreword by James Darling.
QL737 .C4 N475 2011

The exultant ark : a pictorial tour of animal pleasure / Jonathan Balcombe.
QL785.27 .B347 2011

The evolution of the human head / Daniel E. Lieberman.
QM535 .L525 2011

The lives of the brain : human evolution and the organ of mind /
John S. Allen.
QP376 .A4225 2009

Schaum's outlines : biochemistry / Philip W. Kuchel, coordinating author ;
Simon B. Easterbrook-Smith ... [et al.].
QP518.3 .B563 2009

Death in a small package : a short history of anthrax / Susan D. Jones.
QR201 .A6 J66 2010

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The language of medicine / Davi-Ellen Chabner.
R123 .C43 2007

Better doctors, better patients, better decisions : envisioning health
care 2020 / edited by Gerd Gigerenzer and J. A. Muir Gray.
RA440.5 .E77 2009

The panic virus : a true story of medicine, science, and fear / Seth Mnookin.
RA638 .M675 2011

The imaginations of unreasonable men : inspiration, vision, and purpose in
the quest to end malaria / Bill Shore.
RA644 .M2 S465 2010

About face : amazing transformations using the secrets of the top
celebrity makeup artist / Scott Barnes.
RA778 .B2295 2010

The pain chronicles : cures, myths, mysteries, prayers, diaries, brain
scan, healing, and the science of suffering / Melanie Thernstrom.
RB127 .T485 2010

The psychoneuroimmunology of chronic disease : exploring the links between
inflammation, stress, and illness / edited by Kathleen Kendall-Tackett.
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The immortal life of Henrietta Lacks / Rebecca Skloot.
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The emperor of all maladies : a biography of cancer / Siddhartha Mukherjee.
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The tell-tale brain : a neuroscientist's quest for what makes us human /
V.S. Ramachandran.
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Study guide to accompany Kathleen Stassen Berger the developing person
through childhood and adolescence seventh edition / Richard O. Straub.
RJ131 .B3851 2006

Deadly choices : how the anti-vaccine movement threatens us all /
Paul A. Offit.
RJ240 .O38 2011

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The ripple effect : the fate of freshwater in the twenty-first century /
Alex Prud'homme.
TD345 .P77 2011

How your house works : a visual guide to understanding & maintaining your home /
Charlie Wing.
TH4817 .W56 2007

Plumbing / Rex Cauldwell.
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Brilliant : the evolution of artificial light / Jane Brox.
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Plastic : a toxic love story / Susan Freinkel.
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Jack London, photographer / Jeanne Campbell Reesman, Sara S. Hodson, &
Philip Adam.
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Black & white pipeline : converting digital color into striking grayscale
images / Ted Dillard.
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The book of alternative photographic processes / Christopher James ;
[edited by] James Gish, Nicole Calisi, Sarah Timm.
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Photo art : photography in the 21st century / edited by Uta Grosenick and
Thomas Seelig ; [texts, Paolo Bianchi ... et al.].
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David Plowden : vanishing point : fifty years of photography / foreword by
Richard Snow ; introduction by Steve Edwards.
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The sadness of men / photographs by Philip Perkis ; introduction
by Max Kozloff.
TR790 .P387 2008

Engaged observers : documentary photography since the sixties /
Brett Abbott.
TR820.5 .A25 2010

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A question of command : counterinsurgency from the Civil War to Iraq /
Mark Moyar ; foreword by Donald Kagan and Frederick Kagan.
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15 minutes : General Curtis LeMay and the countdown to nuclear annihilation /
L. Douglas Keeney.
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The gun / C.J. Chivers.
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Eyes in the sky : Eisenhower, the CIA, and Cold War aerial espionage /
Dino A. Brugioni ; edited by Doris G. Taylor.
UG763 .B78 2010

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The information : a history, a theory, a flood / James Gleick.
Z665 .G547 2011

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APA concise dictionary of psychology / American Psychological Association.
BF31 .A65 2009

Finding the answers to legal questions : a how-to-do-it manual /
Virginia Tucker and Marc Lampson.
KF240 .T83 2011

The independent filmmaker's law and business guide : financing, shooting,
and distributing independent and digital films / Jon M. Garon.
PN1993.5 .U6 G34 2009

The quote verifier : who said what, where, and when / Ralph Keyes.
PN6081 .K489 2006

The elements : a visual exploration of every known atom in the universe /
Theodore Gray ; photographs by Theodore Gray and Nick Mann.
QD466 .G73 2009

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Rasputin's daughter / Robert Alexander.

South of Broad : a novel / Pat Conroy.

The blindness of the heart / Julia Franck ; translated from the German by
Anthea Bell.

Room : a novel / Emma Donoghue.

Innocent / Scott Turow.

Solar : a novel / Ian McEwan.

Full dark, no stars / Stephen King.

Day out of days : stories / Sam Shepard.

The land of painted caves / Jean M. Auel.

When the killing's done / T. Coraghessan Boyle.

All the time in the world : new and selected stories / E. L. Doctorow.

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I want your moo : a story for children about self-esteem / Marcella Bakur
Weiner and Jill Neimark ; illustrated by JoAnn Adinolfi.

Here comes the garbage barge! / written by Jonah Winter ; illustrated by
Red Nose Studio.

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