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New Additions to the Collection
February 2012




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Consciousness and mental life / Daniel N. Robinson.
B105 .C477 R63 2008

Three questions we never stop asking / Michael Kellogg.
BD21 .K42 2010

Blindspots : the many ways we cannot see / Bruno G. Breitmeyer.
BF241 .B728 2010

Soul dust : the magic of consciousness / Nicholas Humphrey.
BF311 .H7795 2011b

Blink : the power of thinking without thinking / Malcolm Gladwell.
BF448 .G53 2005

The truth about grief : the myth of its five stages and the new science of loss /
Ruth Davis Konigsberg.
BF575 .G7 K638 2011

Impulsivity : the behavioral and neurological science of discounting /
edited by Gregory J. Madden and Warren K. Bickel.
BF575 .I46 I47 2010

We have met the enemy : self-control in an age of excess / Daniel Akst.
BF632 .A35 2011

The smart swarm : how understanding flocks, schools, and colonies can make us better
at communicating, decision making, and getting things done/ Peter Miller.
BF671 .M555 2010

The moral landscape : how science can determine human values / Sam Harris.
BJ1031 .H35 2010

The star as icon : celebrity in the age of mass consumption /
BJ1470.5 .H47 2008

The gift of thanks : the roots and rituals of gratitude / Margaret Visser.
BJ1533 .G8 V57 2009

How Plato and Pythagoras can save your life : the ancient Greek
prescription for health and happiness / Nicholas Kardaras.
BJ1581.2 .K335 2011

Holy ignorance : when religion and culture part ways / Olivier Roy.
BL65 .C8 R66 2010

All things shining : reading the Western classics to find meaning in a
secular age / Hubert Dreyfus and Sean Dorrance Kelly.
BL80.3 .D74 2011

Science vs. religion : what scientists really think /
Elaine Howard Ecklund.
BL240.3 .E25 2010

Supernatural selection : how religion evolved / Matt J. Rossano.
BL430 .R67 2010

Maimonides : the life and world of one of civilization's greatest minds /
Joel L. Kraemer.
BM755 .M6 K685 2010

Faith and power : religion and politics in the Middle East /
Bernard Lewis.
BP50 .L48 2010

Understanding Jonestown and Peoples Temple / Rebecca Moore.
BP605 .P46 M66 2009

Dharma Road : a short cab ride to self-discovery / Brian Haycock.

Jesus was a liberal : reclaiming Christianity for all / Scotty McLennan.
BR1615 .M35 2009

Landscape with two saints : how Genovefa of Paris and Brigit of Kildare
built Christianity in barbarian Europe / Lisa M. Bitel.
BR1720 .G37 B58 2009

The rise and fall of the Bible : the unexpected history of an accidental book / Timothy Beal.
BS511.3 .B43 2011

A brief inquiry into the meaning of sin and faith : with "on my religion" /
John Rawls ; edited by Thomas Nagel ; with commentaries by Joshua Cohen
and Thomas Nagel, and by Robert Merrihew Adams.
BT40 .R39 2009

Jesus and Muhammad : parallel tracks, parallel lives / F. E. Peters.
BT301.3 .P43 2011

Miracle cures : saints, pilgrimage, and the healing powers of belief /
Robert A. Scott.
BT732.5 .S34 2010

Patience with God :faith for people who don't like religion (or atheism)/
by Frank Schaeffer.
BV4637 .S3263 2009

Dilemma : a priest's struggle with faith and love / Albert Cutiae.
BX4668.3 .C88 A3 2011

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Finders keepers : a tale of archaeological plunder and obsession /
Craig Childs.
CC175 .C47 2010

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Fighting techniques of naval warfare, 1190 BC-present : strategy, weapons,commanders, and ships /
Iain Dickie ... [et al.].
D27 .F54 2009

The long way home : an American journey from Ellis Island to the Great War / David Laskin.
D507 .L26 2010

To begin the world over again : Lawrence of Arabia from Damascus to Baghdad / John C. Hulsman.
D568.4 .L45 H85 2009

Why we watched : Europe, America, and the Holocaust / Theodore S. Hamerow.
D804.3 .H355 2008

The real history of the Cold War : a new look at the past / Alan Axelrod.
D843 .A88 2009

Anne Boleyn : fatal attractions / G.W. Bernard.
DA333 .B6 B45 2010

Hitler's empire : how the Nazis ruled ruled Europe / Mark Mazower.
DD256.5 .M3955 2009

Knossos and the prophets of modernism / Cathy Gere.
DF261 .K55 G47 2009

The complete Pompeii / Joanne Berry.
DG70 .P7 B468 2007

Antony and Cleopatra / Adrian Goldsworthy.
DG260 .A6 G65 2010

Mistress of the Vatican : the true story of Olimpia Maidalchini : the secret female Pope / Eleanor Herman.
DG797.93 .P35 H47 2009

Reading and writing in Babylon / Dominique Charpin ; translated by Jane Marie Todd.
DS69.5 .C4813 2010

Guardians of the revolution : Iran and the world in the age of the Ayatollahs / Ray Takeyh.
DS318.83 .T36 2009

War / Sebastian Junger.
DS371.4123 .K67 J86 2010

India calling : an intimate portrait of a nation's remaking / Anand Giridharadas.
DS428.2 .G46 2011

In the valley of mist : Kashmir : one family in a changing world / Justine Hardy.
DS485 .K27 H367 2009

Vietnam : the history of an unwinnable war, 1945-1975 / John Prados.
DS558 .P743 2009

The last empress : Madame Chiang Kai-Shek and the birth of modern China / Hannah Pakula.
DS777.488 .C515 P35 2009

Cleopatra : a biography / Duane W. Roller.
DT92.7 .R65 2010

Courageous journey : walking the Lost Boys' path from the Sudan to America /
by Ayuel Leek Deng, Beny Ngor Chol, and Barbara Youree.
DT157.63 .D46 2008

Curse of the black gold : 50 years of oil in the Niger Delta / photographs
by Ed Kashi ; edited by Michael Watts.
DT515.24 .K37 2010

This child will be great : memoir of a remarkable life by Africa's first
woman president / Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.
DT636.53 .J64 A3 2009

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Red brethren : the Brothertown and Stockbridge Indians and the problem of
race in early America / David J. Silverman.
E99 .B7 S56 2010

The Lakotas and the Black Hills : the struggle for sacred ground / Jeffery Ostler.
E99 .T34 O85 2010

Inventing the job of president : leadership style from George Washington
to Andrew Jackson / Fred I. Greenstein.
E176.1 .G829 2009

Old world, new world : Great Britain and America from the beginning / Kathleen Burk.
E183.8 .G7 B87 2009

Searching for Whitopia : an improbable journey to the heart of white America / Rich Benjamin.
E184 .A1 .B374 2009

Race course against white supremacy / Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn.
E184 .A1 A94 2009

Andrew Jackson / Robert V. Remini.
E382 .R415 2008

The Civil War : the first year told by those who lived it / edited by
Brooks D. Simpson, Stephen W. Sears, Aaron Sheehan-Dean.
E464 .C4385 2011

Sherman's march in myth and memory / Edward Caudill and Paul Ashdown.
E476.69 .C38 2008

FDR's shadow : Louis Howe, the force that shaped Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt / Julie M. Fenster.
E748 .H787 F46 2009

Heart of a patriot : how I found the courage to survive Vietnam, Walter
Reed and Karl Rove / Max Cleland, with Ben Raines.
E840.8 .C545 A3 2009

Woman of the House : the rise of Nancy Pelosi / Vincent Bzdek.
E840.8 .P37 B93 2008

"What the heck are you up to, Mr. President?" : Jimmy Carter, America's
"malaise," and the speech that should have changed the country / Kevin Mattson.
E873.2 .M386 2009

My father at 100 / Ron Reagan.
E877 .R325 2011

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Wordsmith : a guide to college writing / Pamela Arlov.
ENGL28 2010

The wordy shipmates / Sarah Vowell.
F7 .V69 2008

The pirates' pact : the secret alliances between history's most notorious
buccaneers and colonial America / Douglas R. Burgess Jr.
F106 .B94 2008

The hanging of Thomas Jeremiah : a free Black man's encounter with liberty / J. William Harris.
F279 .C453 J474 2009


Planet Arctic : life at the top of the world / Wayne Lynch.
G610 .L963 2010

Geosystems : an introduction to physical geography / Robert W. Christopherson.
GB54.5 .C48 2009

Artifacts from the Craig Mound at Spiro, Oklahoma / April K. Sievert with
J. Daniel Rogers ; contribution by Javier Urcid.
GN1 .S54 No. 49 2011

Cruel creeds, virtuous violence : religious violence across culture and
history / Jack David Eller.
GN495.2 .E55 2010

The dominant animal : human evolution and the environment / Paul R. Ehrlich and Anne H. Ehrlich.
GR13 .E47 2008

High crimes : the fate of Everest in an age of greed / Michael Kodas.
GV200.19 .S63 K63 2008

Jacobs Beach : the Mob, the fights, the fifties / Kevin Mitchell.
GV1125 .M57 2010

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Work, family, and workplace flexibility / special editors, Kathleen Christensen, Barbara Schneider.
H1 .A4 v. 638 2011

Gender and race inequality in management : critical issues, new evidence / special editor, Matt L. Huffman.
H1 .A4 v. 639 2012

Making the social world : the structure of human civilization / John R. Searle.
H61 .S4475 2009

Secrets of the moneylab : how behavioral economics can improve your
business / Kay-Yut Chen and Marina Krakovsky.
HB74 .P8 C44 2010

Zombie economics : how dead ideas still walk among us / John Quiggin.
HB87 .Q54 2010

Common sense economics : what everyone should know about wealth and
prosperity / James D. Gwartney ... [et al.].
HB95 .G9 2010

Adam Smith : an enlightened life / Nicholas Phillipson.
HB103 .S6 P45 2010

Marx's Das Kapital : a biography / Francis Wheen.
HB501 .M37 W44 2006

This time is different : eight centuries of financial folly / Carmen M. Reinhart, Kenneth S. Rogoff.
HB3722 .R45 2009

Crisis economics : a crash course in the future of finance / Nouriel Roubini and Stephen Mihm.
HB3722 .R68 2010

The new American economy : the failure of Reaganomics and a new way forward / Bruce Bartlett.
HC106.8 .B3749 2009

How to write a business plan / by Mike McKeever.
HD30.28 .M3839 2010

The economics of enough : how to run the economy as if the future matters / Diane Coyle.
HD87 .C69 2011

Googled : the end of the world as we know it / Ken Auletta.
HD9696.8 .U64 G6623 2009

Autophobia : love and hate in the automotive age / Brian Ladd.
HE5611 .L26 2008

Free : the future of a radical price / Chris Anderson.
HF5415 .A6197 2009

Consumer.ology : the market research myth, the truth about consumers and
the psychology of shopping / Philip Graves.
HF5415.32 .G73 2010

Sell yourself first : the most critical element in every sales effort / Thomas A. Freese.
HF5438.25 .F74 2010

Viral loop : from Facebook to Twitter, how today's smartest businesses
grow themselves / Adam L. Penenberg.
HF5548.32 .P46 2009

The definitive guide to HR communication : engaging employees in benefits,
pay, and performance / Alison Davis and Jane Shannon.
HF5549.5 .C6 D36 2011

Making the most of your money now : the classic bestseller / Jane Bryant Quinn.
HG179 .Q57 2010

The investor's manifesto : preparing for prosperity, Armageddon, and
everything in between / William J. Bernstein.
HG4521 .B4456 2010

A trader's first book on commodities : an introduction to the world's
fastest growing market / Carley Garner.
HG6046 .G373 2010

The perfect swarm : the science of complexity in everyday life / Len Fisher.
HM746 .F57 2009

The honor code : how moral revolutions happen / Kwame Anthony Appiah.
HM836 .A67 2010

The internet of elsewhere : the emergent effects of a wired world / Cyrus Farivar ;
with a foreword by Vinton G. Cerf.
HM851 .F35 2011

The great disruption : why the climate crisis will bring on the end of
shopping and the birth of a new world / Paul Gilding.
HM861 .G55 2011

Social psychology / David G. Myers.
HM1033 .M897 2005

Social intelligence : the new science of human relationships / Daniel Goleman.
HM1106 .G66 2006

The global auction : the broken promises of education, jobs, and incomes /
Phillip Brown, Hugh Lauder, and David Ashton.
HN90 .S65 B77 2011

The time traveler's guide to Medieval England : a handbook for visitors to
the fourteenth century / Ian Mortimer.
HN385 .M67 2010

Marriage : the dream that refuses to die / Elizabeth Fox-Genovese ; edited
by Sheila O'Connor-Ambrose.
HQ536 .F69 2008

Infants, toddlers, and caregivers : a curriculum of respectful, responsive
care and education / Janet Gonzalez-Mena, Dianne Widmeyer Eyer.
HQ778.63 .G663 2009

So sexy so soon : the new sexualized childhood, and what parents can do to
protect their kids / Diane E. Levin and Jean Kilbourne.
HQ792 .U5 L48 2009

Men to boys : the making of modern immaturity / Gary Cross.
HQ1090.3 .C76 2008

The decline of men : how the American male is tuning out, giving up, and flipping off his future / Guy Garcia.
HQ1090.3 .G37 2008

Hollowing out the middle : the rural brain drain and what it means for
America / Patrick J. Carr, Maria J. Kefalas.
HT123 .C387 2009

Beyond Bogot‚a : diary of a drug war journalist in Colombia / Garry Leech.
HV5840 .C7 L43 2009

Gaspipe : confessions of a Mafia boss / Philip Carlo.
HV6452 .N72 C37 2009

Risk assessment for domestically violent men : tools for criminal justice,
offender intervention, and victim services / N. Zoe Hilton, Grant T.
Harris, and Marnie E. Rice.
HV6626 .H47 2010

Dying inside : the HIV/AIDS ward at Limestone prison / Benjamin Fleury-Steiner with Carla Crowder.
HV8843 .F58 2008

A question of freedom : a memoir of survival, learning, and coming of age in prison / R. Dwayne Betts.
HV9468 .B48 B48 2010

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A revolution of the mind : Radical Enlightenment and the intellectual origins of modern democracy /
Jonathan Israel.
JA84 .E9 I87 2010

United we fall : ending America's love affair with the political center / Phil Neisser.
JC328.2 .N46 2008

The crime of reason : and the closing of the scientific mind / Robert B. Laughlin.
JC598 .L38 2008

Idiot America : how stupidity became a virtue in the Land of the Free /Charles P. Pierce.
JK275 .P378 2009

Why intelligence fails : lessons from the Iranian Revolution and the Iraq War / Robert Jervis.
JK468 .I6 J48 2010

Madison's nightmare : how executive power threatens American democracy /
Peter M. Shane.
JK516 .S435 2009

Pinstripe patronage : political favoritism from the clubhouse to the White
house and beyond / by Martin and Susan J. Tolchin.
JK736 .T648 2011

Grassroots rules : how the Iowa Caucus helps elect American presidents /Christopher C. Hull.
JK2075 .I82 H85 2008

Griftopia : bubble machines, vampire squids, and the long con that is breaking America /
Matt Taibbi.
JK2249 .T35 2010

The KGB's poison factory : from Lenin to Litvinenko / Boris Volodarsky.
JN6529 .I6 V66 2010

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Cheaper by the hour : temporary lawyers and the deprofessionalization of the law /
Robert A. Brooks.
KF299 .T46 B76 2011

Knowledge in the making : academic freedom and free speech in America's
schools and universities / Joan DelFattore.
KF4124.5 .D45 2010

In Brown's wake : legacies of America's educational landmark / Martha Minow.
KF4155 .M56 2010

The invisible constitution / Laurence H. Tribe.
KF4550 .T7865 2008

Bush v. Gore : exposing the hidden crisis in American democracy / Charles L. Zelden.
KF5074.2 .Z445 2008

The Nuremberg legacy : how the Nazi war crimes trials changed the course of history /
Norbert Ehrenfreund.
KZ1176.5 .E37 2007

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The Third Reich in the ivory tower : complicity and conflict on American campuses /
Stephen H. Norwood.
LA227.1 .N67 2009

I remember me : mnemonic self-reference effects in preschool children /
Josephine Ross, James R. Anderson, and Robin N. Campbell.
LB1103 .S6 v. 76 no. 3 2011

Children without permanent parents : research, practice, and policy /
edited by Robert B. McCall ... [et. al.] ; with commentary by Harold D. Grotevant.
LB1103 .S6 v. 76 no. 4 2011

No university is an island : saving academic freedom / Cary Nelson.
LB2322.2 .N45 2010

Why does college cost so much? / Robert B. Archibald, David H. Feldman.
LB2342 .A685 2011

The lost soul of higher education : corporatization, the assault on academic freedom,
and the end of the American university / Ellen Schrecker.
LC72.2 .S36 2010

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The Ninth : Beethoven and the world in 1824 / Harvey Sachs.
ML410 .B4 S117 2010

Thelonious Monk : the life and times of an American original / Robin D.G. Kelley.
ML417 .M846 K46 2010

Miles on Miles : interviews and encounters with Miles Davis / edited by
Paul Maher, Jr. and Michael K. Dorr.
ML419 .D39 A5 2009

Little girl blue : the life of Karen Carpenter / Randy L. Schmidt ;
foreword by Dionne Warwick.
ML420 .C2564 S36 2010

Stan Kenton : this is an orchestra! / by Michael Sparke.
ML422 .K35 S63 2010

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Green light : toward an art of evolution / George Gessert.
N72 .B5 G47 2010

Digital by design : crafting technology for products and environments /
[edited by] TROIKA ; Conny Freyer, Sebastien Noel, Eva Rucki.
N72 .T4 D54 2009

Stepping-stones : a journey through the Ice Age caves of the Dordogne /
Christine Desdemaines-Hugon ; foreword by Ian Tattersall.
N5310.5 .F7 D47 2010

Cuba : art and history from 1868 to today / edited by Nathalie Bondil.
N6603 .C6523 2009

Leonardo's legacy : how Da Vinci reimagined the world / Stefan Klein ;
translated by Shelley Frisch.
N6923 .L33 K5413 2010

New China, new art = Zhongguo dang dai yi shu / [Richard Vine].
N7345 .V56 2008

Travels in the history of architecture / Robert Harbison.
NA200 .H45 2009

Digital architecture now : a global survey of emerging talent / Neil Spiller.
NA2728 .S66 2008

Drawing : step-by-step / Richard Box ... [et al.].
NC730 .D73 2009

Frida Kahlo : the still lifes / Salomon Grimberg.
ND259 .K33 G75 2008

The Last Judgment : Michelangelo and the death of the Renaissance / James A. Connor.
ND623 .B9 A69 2009

One hundred portraits / engraved by Barry Moser ; with a foreword by Ann Patchett
and an afterword by the artist.
NE1112 .M67 A4 2010

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Homer's the Iliad and the Odyssey : a biography / Alberto Manguel.
PA403 .M318 2007

The War that Killed Achilles : the true story of Homer's Iliad and the Trojan War /
Caroline Alexander.
PA4037 .A5955 2010

The beginner's English-Spanish dictionary and guide to usage = Diccionario
espašnol-ingl‚es para principiantes y gu‚ia de uso / Archie Bennet and Marta Guti‚errez.
PC4640 .B377 2005

The Longman writer : rhetoric and reader / Judith Nadell, John Langan, Eliza A. Comodromos.
PE1408 .N188 2006

Everyday arguments : a guide to writing and reading effective arguments /Katherine J. Mayberry.
PE1431 .M38 2009

Anton Chekhov : a brother's memoir / Mikhail Chekhov ; translated by Eugene Alper.
PG3458 .C4613 2010

Invasion of the mind snatchers : television's conquest of America in the fifties / Eric Burns.
PN1992.3 .U5 .B85 2010

Reflections on blaxploitation : actors and directors speak /
[interviewers] David Walker, Andrew J. Rausch, Chris Watson.
PN1995.9 .N4 R46 2009

130 projects to get you into filmmaking / Elliot Grove.
PN1995.9 .P7 G76 2009

Conquest of the useless : reflections from the making of Fitzcarraldo /
Werner Herzog ; translated from the German by Krishna Winston.
PN1998.3 .H477 A3 2009

Scorsese by Ebert / Roger Ebert ; foreword by Martin Scorsese.
PN1998.3 .S39 E33 2008

In my father's shadow : a daughter remembers Orson Welles / Chris Welles Feder.
PN1998.3 .W45 F43 2009

Storycraft : the complete guide to writing narrative nonfiction / Jack Hart.
PN3377.5 .R45 H37 2011

Submersion journalism : reporting in the radical first person from
Harper's magazine / edited by Bill Wasik ; introduction by Roger D. Hodge.
PN4726 .S83 2008

No time to think : the menace of media speed and the 24-hour news cycle / Howard Rosenberg, Charles S. Feldman.
PN4867.2 .R67 2008

Right time, right place : coming of age with William F. Buckley Jr. and
the conservative movement / Richard Brookhiser.
PN4874 .B725 A33 2009

Playboy and the making of the good life in modern America / Elizabeth Fraterrigo.
PN4900 .P5 F73 2009

The complete fairy tales / Charles Perrault ; translated with an
introduction and notes by Christopher Betts.
PQ1877 .A27 2009

Voltaire : a life / Ian Davidson.
PQ2099 .D38 2010b

Confessions of a young novelist / Umberto Eco.
PQ4865 .C6 Z46 2011

Looking for Hamlet / Marvin W. Hunt.
PR2807.H86 2007

So long as men can breathe : the untold story of Shakespeare's Sonnets /Clinton Heylin.
PR2848 .H49 2009

Contested Will : who wrote Shakespeare? / James Shapiro.
PR2937 .S47 2010

Shakespeare and modern culture / Marjorie Garber.
PR2989 .G35 2009

Posthumous Keats : a personal biography / Stanley Plumly.
PR4836 .P68 2008

Must you go? : my life with Harold Pinter / Antonia Fraser.
PR6066 .I53 Z6457 2010

Searching for Schindler : a memoir / Thomas Keneally.
PR9619.3 .K46 Z46 2008

Poe : a life cut short / Peter Ackroyd.
PS2631 .A65 2008b

A short autobiography / F. Scott Fitzgerald ; edited by James L. W. West III.
PS3511 .I9 Z46 2011

Obscene in the extreme : the burning and banning of John Steinbeck's The grapes of wrath /
Rick Wartzman.
PS3537.T3234 G895 2008

David Mamet : a life in the theatre / Ira Nadel.
PS3563 .A4345 Z82 2008

The wicked wit of the west : the last great Golden-age screenwriter
shares the hilarity and heartaches of working with Groucho, Garland,
Gleason, Berle, Burns, Benny and many more / by Irving Brecher as told to Hank Rosenfeld.
PS3602 .R433 Z47 2009

Franz Kafka : the office writings / edited by Stanley Corngold, Jack
Greenberg, and Benno Wagner ; translations by Eric Patton with Ruth Hein.
PT2621 .A26 A2 2009

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The matchbox that ate a forty-ton truck : what everyday things tell us
about the universe / Marcus Chown.
Q162 .C459 2010

Symmetry : a journey into the patterns of nature / Marcus du Sautoy.
Q172.5 .S95 D87 2008

The man who invented the computer : the biography of John Atanasoff, digital pioneer /
Jane Smiley.
QA76.2 .A75 S64 2010

Mathematics 1001 : absolutely everything that matters in mathematics, in
1001 bite-sized explanations / Richard Elwes.
QA93 .E49 2010

A problem solving approach to mathematics for elementary school teachers /
Rick Billstein, Shlomo Libeskind, Johnny W. Lott.
QA135.6 .B55 2007

Elementary algebra for college students / Allen R. Angel, Dennis C. Runde;
with assistance from Lawrence G. Gilligan.
QA152.3 .A53 2011b

The Drunkard's walk : how randomness rules our lives / Leonard Mlodinow.
QA273 .M63 2008

Pluto : sentinel of the outer solar system / Barrie W. Jones.
QB701 .J66 2010

The universe : order without design / Carlos I. Calle.
QB981 .C345 2009

Soap, science, and flat-screen TVs : a history of liquid crystals / David Dunmur, Tim Sluckin.
QC173.4 .L55 D86 2011

Dance of the photons : from Einstein to quantum teleportation / Anton Zeilinger.
QC174.12 .Z4513 2010

101 quantum questions : what you need to know about the world you can't see / Kenneth W. Ford.
QC174.13 .F67 2011

No small matter : science on the nanoscale / Felice C. Frankel, George M. Whitesides.
QC176.8 .N35 F73 2009

Rising force : the magic of magnetic levitation / James D. Livingston.
QC754.2 .M3 L58 2011

A zeptospace odyssey : a journey into the physics of the LHC / Gian
Francesco Giudice.
QC787 .P73 G58 2010

The weather of the future : heat waves, extreme storms, and other scenes
from a climate-changed planet / Heidi Cullen.
QC903 .C85 2010

Climate change : picturing the science / Gavin Schmidt and Joshua Wolfe.
QC981.8 .C5 S3556 2009

Early spring : an ecologist and her children wake to a warming world / Amy Seidl.
QC981.8 .G56 S45 2009

Beginning chemistry / David Goldberg.
QD41 .G652 2005

Schaum's outline of college chemistry / Jerome L. Rosenberg, Lawrence M.
Epstein and Peter J. Krieger.
QD41 .R668 2007

Eruptions that shook the world / Clive Oppenheimer.
QE522 .O58 2011

Vesuvius : a biography / Alwyn Scarth.
QE523 .V5 S23 2009

Dinosaur odyssey : fossil threads in the web of life / Scott D. Sampson.
QE861.4 .S26 2009

Super species : the creatures that will dominate the planet /
Garry Hamilton.
QH353 .H35 2010

Only a theory : evolution and the battle for America's soul /
Kenneth R. Miller.
QH362 .M55 2008

The ptarmigan's dilemma : an exploration into how life organizes and
supports itself / John Theberge and Mary Theberge.
QH366.2 .T51 2010

Evolution : the story of life on Earth / written by Jay Hosler ; art by
Kevin Cannon and Zander Cannon.
QH367 .H675 2011

Designer genes : a new era in the evolution of man / Steven Potter.
QH447 .P68 2010

Mean and lowly things : snakes, science, and survival in the Congo /
Kate Jackson.
QL31 .J23 A3 2008

Zoo story : life in the garden of captives / Thomas French.
QL76.5 .U62 T36 2010

The bond : our kinship with animals, our call to defend them /
Wayne Pacelle.
QL85 .P33 2011

Honeybee democracy / Thomas D. Seeley.
QL568 .A6 S439 2010

Eels : an exploration, from New Zealand to the Sargasso, of the world's
most amazing and mysterious fish / James Prosek.
QL637.9 .A5 P76 2010

Poseidon's steed : the story of seahorses, from myth to reality /
Helen Scales.
QL638 .S9 S23 2009

Shark : in peril in the sea / David Owen.
QL638.9 .O93 2009

Alex & me : how a scientist and a parrot discovered a hidden world of
animal intelligence--and formed a deep bond in the process /
Irene M. Pepperberg.
QL696 .P7 P457 2009

The great white bear : a natural and unnatural history of the polar bear/
Kieran Mulvaney.
QL737 .C27 M85 2011

What's eating you? : people and parasites / Eugene H. Kaplan ;
illustrated by Susan L. Kaplan and Sandy Chichester Rivkin.
QL757 .K365 2010

Reaching the animal mind : clicker training and what it teaches us about
all animals / Karen Pryor.
QL785 .P79 2009
The male brain / Louann Brizendine.
QP356.4 .B75 2010

World wide mind : the coming integration of humanity, machines and the
internet / Michael Chorost.
QP357.5 .C46 2011

iBrain : surviving the technological alteration of the modern mind /
Gary Small and Gigi Vorgan.
QP376 .S6377 2008

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Swedenborg, Mesmer, and the mind/body connection : the roots of
complementary medicine / by John S. Haller.
R733 .H355 2010

Taming the beloved beast : how medical technology costs are destroying our health care system /
Daniel Callahan.
RA410.53 .C353 2009

Saturday is for funerals / Unity Dow & Max Essex.
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The language of life : DNA and the revolution in personalized medicine /
Francis S. Collins.
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Anticancer : a new way of life / David Servan-Schreiber.
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American therapy : the rise of psychotherapy in the United States /
Jonathan Engel
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What is mental illness? / Richard J. McNally.
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Danger to self : on the front line with an ER psychiatrist /
Paul R. Linde.
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Obsession : a history / Lennard J. Davis.
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How the overuse of medical care is wrecking your health and what you can
do to prevent It / Rosemary Gibson and Janardan Prasad Singh.
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Planning parenthood : strategies for success in fertility assistance,
adoption, and surrogacy / Rebecca A. Clark ... [et al.].
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Origins : how the nine months before birth shape the rest of our lives /
Annie Murphy Paul.
RG560 .P38 2010

Get me out : a history of childbirth from the Garden of Eden to the sperm
bank / Randi Hutter Epstein.
RG651 .E67 2010

Mother warriors : a nation of parents healing autism against all odds /
Jenny McCarthy.
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Autism's false prophets : bad science, risky medicine, and the search for
a cure / Paul A. Offit.
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Body image, eating disorders, and obesity in youth : assessment,
prevention, and treatment / edited by Linda Smolak and J. Kevin Thompson.
RJ506 .E18 B635 2009

Why we get fat and what to do about it / Gary Taubes.
RM237.73 .T39 2011

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Bottled lightning : superbatteries, electric cars, and the new lithium
economy / Seth Fletcher.
TK2945 .L58 F58 2011

Black wings : courageous stories of African Americans in aviation and
space history / Von Hardesty.
TL539 .H285 2008

50 aircraft that changed the world / Ron Dick and Dan Patterson.
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The Cuban cure : reason and resistance in Global Science / S.M.
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Transient light : a photographic guide to capturing the medium /
Ian Cameron.
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Reading the landscape : an inspirational and instructional guide to
landscape photography / Peter Watson.
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Man Ray in Paris / Erin C. Garcia.
TR655 .G369 2011

John Gutmann : the photographer at work / Sally Stein ; foreword by
Douglas R. Nickel ; with a contribution by Amy Rule.
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Collage lab : experiments, investigations, and exploratory projects /
Bee Shay.
TT910 .S429 2010

Cooking for geeks : real science, great hacks, and good food /
Jeff Potter.
TX715 .P729 2010

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The untold war : inside the hearts, minds, and souls of our soldiers /
Nancy Sherman.
U22.3 .S44 2010

Getting out : historical perspectives on leaving Iraq / edited by Michael
Walzer and Nicolaus Mills.
U167 .G48 2009

How the end begins : the road to a nuclear World War III / Ron Rosenbaum.
U263 .R67 2011

War, coups & terror : Pakistan's army in years of turmoil / Brian Cloughley.
UA853 .P3 C63 2008

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Worldly wisdom : Great Books and the meanings of life / James Sloan Allen.
Z1035 .A1 A45 2008

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A dictionary of economics / John Black.
HB61 .B554 2003

Descriptionary : [a thematic dictionary] / Marc McCutcheon.
PE1591 .M415 2010

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Water for elephants : a novel / Sara Gruen.

Narn i ch„in H‚urin : the tale of the children of H‚urin / J.R.R. Tolkien;
edited by Christopher Tolkien ; illustrated by Alan Lee.

The broken shore / Peter Temple.

Humpty Dumpty in Oakland / Philip K. Dick.

Too much happiness : stories / Alice Munro.

The complete stories of J.G. Ballard.

Spies of the Balkans : a novel / Alan Furst.

Djibouti / Elmore Leonard.

Summertime : fiction / J.M. Coetzee.

Shadow tag / by Louise Erdrich.

The tiger's wife : a novel / T‚ea Obreht.

Pym : a novel / Mat Johnson.

Anatomy of a disappearance : a novel / Hisham Matar.

Whatever gets you through the night : a story of Sheherezade
and the Arabian entertainments /
Andrei Codrescu.

Zero day : a novel / David Baldacci.

The drop : a novel / Michael Connelly.

Shock wave / John Sandford.

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The hello, goodbye window / story by Norton Juster ; pictures by Chris Raschka.

The odious ogre / story by Norton Juster ; pictures by Jules Feiffer.

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