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Universal Internet Access System (UIA)

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Electronic Information Resources Use Policy


Student Worker / Unclassified Employee
UIA accounts

  • Student worker accounts are created only for the Winter and Summer sessions.
  • Unclassified, non-student workers, accounts are created during any semester or session.
  • Student Worker / Unclassified Employee accounts last only six months.
  • No emails or U drive are available for these accounts.
  • Ask for the "Request for Network Account" form in Administration 108. In the Account Type section, mark "Student worker / Unclassified".
  • In the form, also write the last 5 digits of your SSN and the MM/DD of birthday.

The UIA username and password

    UIA usernames are:

  • the first 2 letters of the first name +
  • the first 2 letters of the last name +
  • the last 5 digits of the SIN

    UIA passwords are:

  • MonthDay of birth in school records.

    UIA account expiration:

  • The account expires after six months. The account can be reactivated using the "Request for Network Account" form

    Example 1:

  • Jose A. Garcia with SIN # 111-22-3333 born on January 11.
  • His UIA username is JOGA23333. His email is JOGA23333@email.lavc.cc.ca.us. His password is 0111.

    Example 2:

  • Yolanda D'Piero with SIN # 123-45-6789 born on December 31.
  • Her UIA username is YOD'56789. Her email is YOD'56789@email.lavc.cc.ca.us. Her password is 1231.