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DEC/Focus Report

This page is provided by the IT department as answers to some common questions.

For further technical information, call the IT Help Desk at extension 2489.

If you need training on using any of the LAVC systems, contact the Staff Development office at extension 2712.


You can access DEC using "Dec-Access" or "Dec-Access 2".
You can access the Focus Report using "Focus Reports DVAXB" or "Focus Reports DVAXB 2".


Printing Issue

  • The Dec-Access 2 and Focus Reports DVAXB 2 interfaces do not use as much CPU as the Dec-Access and Focus Reports DVAXB interfaces but they print editable fields as white characters over black background.

  • This might result on a higher use of the toner cartridge depending on the DEC screen. To fix this, request a VDEC printer to be created for your printer.

  • Remember that you can use either interface.



The following navigation instructions are for the Dec-Access 2
and Focus Reports DVAXB 2 interfaces.

Navigating DEC

  • Home
    HOME moves to the first field of the next section.

  • Tab/F12
    TAB moves to the next field within a DEC section.
    F12 moves to the previous field within a DEC section.

  • Arrows
    Up/Down/Left/Right arrows moves one line or position within a DEC section.

  • PageUp/PageDown
    PageUp moves a page up within a DEC section
    PageDown moves a page down within a DEC section

  • F6
    F6 stops any task in progress.


Inquiry Screen

  • To open the Inquiry screen, press F1.

  • To close the Inquiry screen, press F3.

Printing DEC

  • File-->Print     or     Alt+P
    Once on the Print dialog box, among other things you can select the printer and the page layout (Portrait/Landscape).


Copy and Paste

  • Edit-->Copy     or     press Alt+C
    To copy an area of the screen, highlight it and select Edit-->Copy or press Alt+C

  • Edit-->Paste or press Alt+V
    To paste to DEC or another program, select Edit-->Paste or press Alt+V