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Universal Internet Access System (UIA)

By using any of the LAVC/LACCD systems you agree to our
Electronic Information Resources Use Policy


New Student email System

To access your student email click on:

Download the Student Email
System FAQ
(PDF) to

  • Learn how to access the Student Email System
  • Learn how to get your password
  • Learn how to change your pin
  • Who to contact if you don’t know your email address
  • Learn about SkyDrive
  • Your allocated Storage space for email and SkyDrive

Download the Student Email
Getting Started Guide
(PDF) to

  • Learn how to use your email inbox and compose emails
  • Use your calendar
  • Manage Documents using SkyDrive


Student Wireless HotSpot Access

  • Get a wireless card that supports the 802.11b (WiFi) protocol available at our Bookstore or any electronic store. Setup your card following the card instructions.
  • Start your browser and type any Web site address. Accept the security certificate and a logon box will open.
  • Enter your UIA username/password. Read how to find your UIA username and password in the frame below.
WiFi HotSpot logo

Wireless usage sample

  • Wireless access is available at: Cafeteria, Fireside room (Campus Center) and Library. Other areas will follow. Look for the WiFi HotSpot logo.

Student usage of lab computers

  • To login into a lab computer, use your UIA username and UIA password.
  • To find your UIA username and password read the frame below.
  • Anything saved in the computer will be deleted when the computer is shut down.

Network Drive

  • The only place where you can save data is in the "U" drive.  A shortcut to the U drive is located on the Desktop and it is called "My Network Drive (U)".
  • You can save up to 15 MB of data in your Network Drive.
  • Your Network Drive is available in any computer in most UIA labs.  Remember to Log off from the computer or somebody might come after you and delete/modify all the contents of your Network Drive.
  • Your Network Drive and its contents will be deleted when your UIA account is deleted. Read the frame below for the exact date.

If you have problems, ask the lab staff for assistance

Instructions on how to find your UIA username and password

    UIA usernames have been changed for Fall 2012.

    Download the FAQ to learn how to get your new UIA username and password


  • All UIA accounts are automatically generated for students each semester.
  • All UIA accounts are automatically deleted at the end of each semester.
  • Only current students have UIA accounts.
  • UIA passwords are based on the student's birthday in the school records. If the UIA password doesn't work the student should verify his/her birthday in Admissions and Records.
  • If the student has gone to Admissions and Records and changed his/her name and/or student ID and/or birthday, the current UIA account/password will have to be used for the remainder of the semester.



  • Student:  This semester, I'm taking only one class.  I registered on that class today.  When will my UIA account be created?
  • Answer:  Tomorrow.  Accounts are automatically created early every day.

  • Student:  I already registered for the next semester.  Will my email and Network Drive be deleted at the end of this semester?
  • Answer:  Yes.  Please save any email or data you want to keep.