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Prepaid Printing System


The Prepaid Printing System allows students to print without restrictions on the number of pages printed. The price of 8 per page will help LAVC to offset operating costs. The participating labs are: CCAIVE (Eng. 117), LAIR (Library building) and Lion's Den (Cafeteria).

To print, the student needs to have money in his/her Printing Account. All the students get a Prepaid Printing Account after registering for classes. The Prepaid Printing Account number is located on the front of the LAVC student ID.


Add Value Station

Your Printing account number is the 16-digit number on the front of the card. That number is printed with spaces only to make it easy to read. The Printing account number does not have spaces.

A.  The Add Value Station
The Add Value Station is used to add money into your Printing Account:
  • Go to the Add Value Station located in the Campus Center lobby.
  • Insert your Student ID
    (You can also type your Printing Account Number and press #)
  • Enter your Printing Password (also known as PIN) and press #.
    (Your initial password is the same as your UIA password)
  • Press 1: Check your Account Balance
  • Press 3: Add money to your Account. You will get a receipt. You can buy up to $20.00 of Printing at any one time.
  • Press 9: Leave the system.
  • Your account balance will also be displayed after adding money.
LAVC Student ID
Prepaid receipt


You can also add money to your account in the Prepaid Printing Kiosk in the LAIR lab.

Read about the
UIA System


Read about the
Student ID

WARNING: Save your receipt, it will be needed in case your need to inquire about the transaction.


B.  Printing from the UIA computers:

  • Log into one of the computers in one of the participating labs.
    (Remember that you will have to be a current LAVC student to be able to log in)
  • Save your work before attempting to print.
  • Print all or any part of a document. A Printing pop up window will show.
  • Check the cost of your print job.
  • Enter your Printing Account or UIA username*.
  • Enter your Printing password.
    (Your initial password is the same as your UIA password)
  • If you want, you can change the description of your print job.
  • Click "Send to Print Release Station".
Client pop-up window
      * If your UIA username has already been taken, a non-standard username will be assigned to you. See list of non-standard usernames.

In the pop-up window, you can also check your account balance and change your Password.

The pop-up window will also indicate the time you have to release the print job before it is deleted from the system.

Your account will not be charged until your print job is released at the Printing Release Station. If you do not release the job, it will be deleted from the system and you will not be charged.

You can release your print job at the release station in the lab where you printed the job or in any other participating lab as long as your job has not been deleted from the system.

WARNING: If you printed from a Macintosh lab, you will only be able to release the job from a Macintosh lab. If you printed from a Windows lab, you will only be able to release the job from a Windows lab.


C.  The Printing Release Stations
The Printing Release Stations are used to send your print jobs to the printer:

  • Go to the Printing Release Station.
  • Click on the "Click Here" button.
  • Swipe your student ID to enter your Printing Account Number.
    (You can also type your Account Number or your UIA username)
  • Enter your Printing Password and click on "Continue".
    (Your initial password is the same as your UIA password)
  • Select the print job you want to release and click on "Print"
  • When you are done, click on "Close This Session"
Release window

WARNING: If you do not close the session and another person releases your print jobs, you are responsible for paying for them. So make sure to close the session.


D.  The Prepaid Printing Kiosk (LAIR lab)
At the Prepaid Printing Kiosk, you can:

  • See your account balance.
  • See print history
  • Add money to your account



E.  Reversal of Charges
The reversal of charges are done when the printout quality is poor or no printout was produced after the print job was released. No cash refunds are available.

    Reversal of charges procedure:
  • Take all the damaged pages to the lab staff and explain the problem.
  • The lab staff will write on those pages, your UIA username, number of pages, date and time of print job.
  • The lab staff will keep all the pages to later do a revesal of charges.
Release window



If you need help using the system, ask a lab assistant for help in one of the participating labs