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Universal Internet Access System (UIA)

By using any of the LAVC/LACCD systems you agree to our
Electronic Information Resources Use Policy


Special Event UIA accounts

  • Special events UIA accounts will be enabled when they are needed and disabled right after.
  • These accounts are not meant to replace an individual student or faculty account.
  • These accounts are for special and rare occasions when a visitor or similar will be in one of the UIA labs for a couple of hours.
  • No emails are available for these accounts.
  • Requests must be done in advance by the department sponsoring the event.
  • Send your request to Pat Franco. You can contact him at francopw@lavc.edu or in the CSIT labs (Ext. 5559). He will let you know the username and password to use.


  • Name of the visitor, department sponsoring the event, building/room needed, date, beginning time and ending time of event.

Special Event usage of lab computers

  • To login into a lab computer, use the UIA username and UIA password provided.
  • Anything saved in the computer will be deleted when the computer is rebooted.


If you have problems, ask the lab staff for assistance or contact Pat Franco.