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Eureka Help Page

Eureka *

It provides career information databases,including occupational briefs in Spanish; information on how to start your own business; information on the international labor market; statistics on emerging and declining occupations; and more.

    Eureka provides:
  • Self Assessment Instruments
  • Career Assessment Cross References
  • Occupational Clusters
  • In-depth Occupational Descriptions
  • Occupational Descriptions in Spanish
  • Localized Information
  • International Occupational Information
  • Programs of Study
  • Schools, Colleges, Universities Search
  • Thousands of Scholarships and Awards
  • Industry Descriptions
  • Job Search and Resume Instructions
  • Letter Writer for schools, scholarships, and associations
  • Military Occupational Descriptions
  • Steps to Business Ownership
  • Internet Access Compatibility


MicroSkills IV *

It is a self assessment software tool bundled with EUREKA. It uses skills preferences to help make career decisions.


The Eureka software
When you start the program, it will ask you to enter your name to customize your printouts. The Eureka main menu is divided in three areas:

  • Self-Assesment: It give you a chance to learn more about yourself.
  • Careers: It provides you with a wealth of occupational and career-related information.
  • Education: It helps you learn more about educational and financial aid resources that may be appropiate for you.


* The shortcuts for Eureka and Skills IV are located on the Start menu, Eureka group.