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Committee Meeting Dates

9/26/19, 10/24/19, 11/14/19, 2/27/20, 3/26/20, 4/23/20, 5/28/20

1:15 pm, ACA 2507

Committee Members

Dave Green, Student Services
Sarah Song, Admin Services
Mike Lee, Acting Director, College Facilities
Doug Marriott, Academic Affairs

Faculty Members
Xiaoyang Behlendorf, AFT/Senate*
Jennifer Read, Chairs & Directors
Talar Touloumdjian, Disability Specialist
Ashley Novick, AFT/Senate
Maria Zamudio, AFT/Senate
Elizabeth Casebolt, AFT/Senate
Jennifer Guevara, AFT/Senate
Vacant, AFT/Senate
Vacant, AFT/Senate

Staff Members
Mary John, SEIU 721
Israel Ortiz, AFT 1521A
Jamie Holladay-Collins, AFT 1521A
Vacant, Bldg & Trades/SEIU 99

Student Member
Dania Castillo, ASU Rep (2019-2020)

Resource Members
Deputy Felix
Ruby Christian-Brougham
Bryan Bietsch
Larry Nakamura

* Chair



Work Environment Committee

Work Environment Committee



To review space utilization and work environment matters and make recommendations to support a healthy, safe, and effective work environment.

Long Term Goals:

  • Examine requests by departments for revision of their current space allocation.
  • Investigate the needs of departments for modernizing current facilities.
  • Prioritize Valley College's capital construction projects.
  • Review Campus Alterations and Improvements projects costing more than $100,000 and make recommendations to the College Council.
  • Carry out responsibilities of the Campus Work Environment Committee, as described in the Collective Bargaining Agreements.

2019-2020 Goals:

  1. Develop a campus space (non-classroom) inventory
  2. Develop a campus cleanliness action plan
  3. Make recommendations to institutionalize initiatives implemented by the Truth Initiative grant
    • Conduct annual campus smoking survey
    • Maintain and replace permanent smoke free campus signage

Membership/Represented Constituencies (PDF)

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