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Getting Started in ECD

Sign Up for an Account [Word doc: 3MB]

Getting Curriculum Forms [Word doc: 104KB] - How to download blank curriculum forms for Prerequisite Validation, TAP/Honors, DE Addendum, Course SLO, and New Course and Reinstatement Form.

Proposals Using Addenda [PDF: 308KB] - How to submit curricular proposals using addenda.  This includes new Distance Education/Hybrid request, new TAP/Honors requests, and revisions to course SLOs.

Updating an Outline in ECD [Word doc: 729KB] - When the Outline Already Exists in ECD

Updating an Outline in ECD [Word doc: 632KB] - When the Outline Does Not Exist in ECD - Starting From Scratch

Updating an Outline in ECD [Word doc: 729KB] - When the Outline Does Not Exist in ECD - Copying an Outline


To find the set of forms you need for your curricular proposal, answer the question
"What am I trying to do?"

For Credit Courses: 

Use ECD to do the following 
  • Revise a Course Outline
  • Write a New Course Outline
  • Create a New Credit Course
  • Add a Prerequisite, Corequisite or Advisory
  • Archive a Course
  • Reinstate a Course
  • Modularize a Course
  • Change a Course Attribute (title, hours, etc.)
  • Write SLOs for a course
  • Offer a course online or hybrid (Distance Education)
  • Offer a TAP section of a course
  • Request Advanced Class Status for a course
For Noncredit Courses:
Use this form to update the course outline and submit it on paper to the Curriculum Chair or assistant to the Curriculum Dean in Academic Affairs: NC Course Outline Form



For Programs: 

To modify or create a:

  • AA or AS degree
  • AA-T or AS-T degree
  • Certificate of Achievement (8-15 units)
  • Certificate of Achievement (16+ units)
  • Skills Certificate
  • (Non Credit) Certificate of Competency
  • (Non Credit) Certificate of  Completion

Use the Program Proposal Form (updated October 2018).

For other actions:


**A Discipline Approval [Word doc: 29KB] with original signatures is required for curricular proposals. Submit the completed original to Matt Walsh in Academic Affairs. 

Digital Badge Proposal Forms:

Course Outline Resources:

Guidelines for Prerequisite Validation - Levels of Scrutiny [Word doc: 26KB]
Course and Program approval process (including posting information) once at the district office.


Course Related Forms
All course related forms (for both credit and noncredit) except for requests for Advanced Class Status and Combined Classes are available through ECD.  

Request Advanced Class Status for a course:
Advanced Class Guidelines and Request Form [Word doc: 37KB]

Combine classes:
Combined Class Request [Word doc: 31KB]

Discontinue a program - see PEPC for Program Viability information:
Program/Major Discontinuance Form [Word doc: 55KB]

Credit by Exam - Request/Remove
Credit by Exam Request/Remove - [Word doc: 17KB]