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Committee Meeting Dates


Committee Members

Rudolph Besikoff
Sherri Rodriguez 

Faculty Members
Clive Gordon *Chairperson
Joyce Romero
Michael Gold
Eliza Uzunyan
Pamela B. Williams
Brett Carthew
Nathan Placencia
Laura Scott
Maria Elena Francis-Benitez

Staff Members
Barbara Schneider
Marsha Respess

Student ASU Members
Zoe Atkins

Resource Members
Deborah Kaye



Team Transfer Committee

Team Transfer Committee


Team Transfer Committee Mission Statement:

The Mission of the Team Transfer Committee, in collaboration with four year colleges and universities, is to increase transfer rates and awareness by coordinating efforts of faculty, administration and students in accordance with the Educational Master Plan and college mission.

  • Goal 1: Develop and provide programs and services to increase transfer awareness on campus.
  • Goal 2: Develop specialized services for underrepresented students with historically lower rates of transfer.
  • Goal 3: Increase the number of students (particularly those from underrepresented groups) who choose transfer as their goal and, subsequently become transfer-ready.
  • Goal 4: Continue to collaborate with the four-year universities to increase the number of students who successfully transfer, particularly those from underrepresented groups.
  • Goal 5: Continue to collaborate with and advise the CTC to provide career counseling services and an up-to-date career/transfer resource library for students use.
  • Goal 6: Ensure that transfer continues to be a high priority on campus with faculty (Academic Senate), Administration and student groups (ASU).
  • Goal 7: Maintain and expand inter-segmental partnerships with the UC's, CSU's, and private universities

LAVC Mission Statement: Los Angeles Valley College serves the community by providing transfer, degree, vocational, transitional, and continuing education programs in an attractive and accessible learning environment that fosters student success. Embedded in these programs are the greater goals of critical thinking and life-long learning which are necessary for success in the workplace and for advancing one’s education, personal development and quality of life.